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Crossfire Traffic

This page contains the data that will comprise the next 'crossfire traffic' - over the course of the month, any events of significance should be added to it, and at the end of the month, these will be combined and edited into the final version which will be widely propagated. This page will then be reset to get ready for the next month. If you know of something that should be included, or are just too impatient to wait until the end of the month, then this is the place to refer to it.

Remember, crossfire traffic is for things which are user-visible, if there is a visible effect (or is likely to be in the near future) it belongs here.

The current month is August, all things of relevance that occur during this month should be listed below.

This is crossfire traffic for August 2006

Crossfire Traffic is a means to communicate the activity surrounding crossfire in an accessible and non-technical way, it is targeted at those who are curious about what is happening with the project, but find the existing mailing lists, CVS list. forum, wiki and IRC channels overly complicated, scary, or time consuming to read. As such it does not contain any background details, but instead focuses only on things that are user-visible

Mailing List

  • Discussion on what is appropriate to include in the game
  • Quest management discussion reopened
  • Discussion on a infinate loop caused by NPCs talking to other NPCs
  • Talk of a “Disinfect” spell. No promises as of yet.
  • Preliminary draft of a system to better organize releases.
  • Discussion on changes to the “Earth Wall” spell. The spell may eventualy be changed to allow things to fly over it (includes most spell effects, and some monsters).

Changes that occurred this month:


  • Listen is now set to “10” by default. New players no longer have to type “listen 10” to recieve chats, unless then changed listen to “9”.
  • Command to change password implimented. (“passwd”)
  • Message telling players that they used an incorrect password/existing character is now more detailed.


  • Updates, and fixes to “Forgotten Town”
  • Various bugs and exploits fixed.
  • Jade and Amber converters added to Scorn's Bank.
  • Guild portals to Ancient Pupland will now use the time-travel map. Guilds on servers that existed before the change, will require that the portal be manipulated by a DM, if one wants to see the change.
  • Modifications to the Lake County graveyard, adding more clues and making it more interesting.


  • Jade and Amber coins will now be accepted by shops, but not given as change.
  • Descriptions added to some artifacts.





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