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Forgotten Town

Formerly located in Darcap, it now resides in the unlinked directory of maps due to its incompleteness.

It is designed to have a series of 40 quests and a corresponding treasure room, but only 3 (4 in the trunk revision) quests exist thus far. One of the quests is not linked to the city map, anyway, making there only appear to be 2 (3 in trunk).

What it needs:

  • 36 quest dungeons
  • more non-quest maps (there are way too many closed houses)

When those are done, it may be linked back in to Darcap.

Other possibilities that may or may not be a good idea:

  • Bigworldify Forgotten Town
  • Give it a reason for being connected to Darcap.
  • Add additional (non-forty-group) quests in the town.
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