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Creating a Character

Creating a character that suits the way you want to play is important. I don’t want to play a character I don’t like, and neither do you, I’m sure. These documents will help you create the character you want.

  • The character creation HOWTO tells you all you need to know for creating your first character.
  • Explanation of character attributes, because your character’s skills depend on those.
  • A summary of abilities modifiers based on Class.
  • Because a dwarf is neither a human nor a dragon, the race guide provides you with useful information.

What god to worship, and why?


  • Mikee's Maze Crossfire’s own maze of twisty little passages all alike, and some hints for how to escape the madness.


There are a few clients for the Crossfire game out there. The most widely used clients are the GTK Client and the CF Client.

Please visit their respective webpages to find out more, or visit their respective screenshots located at


They’re big, they’re small, they bite, they claw. You know them, you love them - the monsters of Crossfire.

Developer Guides

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