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Insult Generator

For those who didn't know Crossfire has a wonderful little insult generator based on the simple shakespearian insult generator.

I would like to add a few more modes for this and thought it would be appropriate to open the floor for input from such a dull and witless bunch as yourselves.

SO the format is:

Prefix adj1 adj2 noun

So for example the dwarven style would produce output such as: “You shaven elf-footed goblin-kisser” and the TEXAS style such joy as: “Yer Mama's a beedy-eyed hog-lickin greenhorn”


elif style == “dwarf”:
adj1 = ['beardless', 'puny', 'shaven']
adj2 = ['elf-footed','dull-axed', 'tin-shielded' ]
noun = ['orc-lover', 'gobiln-kisser', 'tree-embracer']
prefixA = ['You are a', 'Your Matron\'s a', 'You']
prefixAn = ['You are an', 'Your Matron\'s an', 'You']


elif style == “texas”:
adj1 = ['stewpid', 'uglee', 'pea brained', 'dung-headed', 'beedy-eyed', 'hatless', 'witless', 'dumb']
adj2 = ['horse-knappin', 'hog-lickin', 'knock-kneed', 'jug-eared', 'pie-headed', 'snaggle-toothed', 'brown-nosed', 'lilly-livered' ]
noun = ['city-slicker', 'root-head', 'cow-pie', 'greenhorn', 'idgit']
prefixA = ['Yer a','Yer Mama\'s a', 'Yew']
prefixAn = ['Yer an', 'Yer Mama\'s an', 'Yew']

So please submit some delicious wordage : please specify the style (or a new style) and what which list(s) the word(s) should be in. Keep it creative, funny and not actually obscene.

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