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From SVN arch/trunk/README:

Some coloring/perspective hints/clarifications from David Sundqvist:
Perspective in Crossfire is based on the XY coordinate system of possible player movements, with a slight tilting of the graphics to allow for greater detail and more interesting graphics, since walls have to be in that perspective to allow joining. X and Y in graphics should correspond to X and Y in the object. Z in the object is represented with 2 Y/X.

Keeping perspective consistency is mainly important in fixed objects like buildings, walls and other background.
Light should generally come from the right side, so the left side of buildings should be darker or shaded, as needed.
Wind is generally coming from the left side, so smoke or other things affected by wind should be traveling towards the right side.



The viewpoint used to draw Crossfire perspective is an oblique projection, or, more specifically, a cavalier perspective.

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