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   ​   ​
   monitor -1 1 run_stop   monitor -1 1 run_stop
 +If you are using JXClient Release Candidate 1.12.0 (or older), monitor commands sent to the script will look like:
 +  ncom XXYYYYeast
 +Where XX is a 16-bit packet ID and YYYY is a 32-bit repeat indicator. Binary data is transmitted in network byte order (big endian). NOTE: Newline characters regularly occur in the packet ID field so reading this line will have to contend with that, simply reading a line will invariably end in error. It is anticipated that this issue will be fixed at some point in the future.
 If you type the command __scripts__ in your client you will see our script is still running.\\ ​ If you type the command __scripts__ in your client you will see our script is still running.\\ ​
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