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Sample Scripts

The sample scripts on this page are working programs contributed by players. Feel free to submit your own by posting it as an attachment to the Crossfire Discussion Mailing List.


  • cplusplus-howto - HOWTO for using C++ scripts
  • food_watch – Monitors your food and eats if it falls below a certain level.
  • cfequip.cpp – manages sets of equipment for different roles (fighting, spell casting, shopping :-)), docs. at top of file


  • pray – Pray and Pray and Pray without a fishing weight on the keyboard
  • level_up – Reports which skills are nearing advancement.
  • travel – Walks a player from one place to another.
  • watch_food – Auto-applies food when you get hungry.
  • protect – Casts an assortment of protection spells.
  • altar_pray – Takes some of the tediousness out of praying at an altar.
  • healup – Bring grace and hit points to maximum.
  • – Subroutines used by most of my other scripts.
  • – Manage the charge/discharging of Power Crystals


see About Python if you are new to python.

  • - A script that inscribes a book from a text file. (must have the “inscription” skill, along with something to write on)
  • - A library of convenient functions for writing client scripts in Python (a rip-off of contributed by Eadmund
  • altar-pray - A port of altar_pray to Python by Eadmund
  • - A chat log for servers without Critical messages support.


  • autopray – Prays to max grace, including optional altar-spamming. *


  • cf_melt_icecube - Loop to mark icecube(s) in inventory and applies flint and steel on these one after another
  • pray_x_times_sh - As the many other praying related scripts also to be used mainly while praying multiple times on an altar to force “god_intervention” .
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