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 ===== 2019 ===== ===== 2019 =====
 +==== May 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Modify fishing pole graphic (skills/​Skill_Tools/​fishing_pole.base.111.png) to clean up and remove pixelation (r20816)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Use one window for metaserver and login dialogs (r20766)
 +    * Each of the metaserver and login dialogs used to be in a separate window that was raised and lowered in sequence. Now, all the pre-game dialogs are in one window that is not replaced until play starts.
 +  * Trim trailing whitespace from spell descriptions (r20767)
 +  * Add latency profiling command-line option (r20786)
 +  * Rename '​--time-redraw'​ to '​--profile-redraw'​ (r20786)
 +  * Restore option to allow connecting to a server directly when launching the client, i.e., --server <​server_name or IP address> (r20789)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  *  Slight layout changes: Move buttons in main screen to right side and use consistent border gaps in dialogs. (r20774)
 +  * Support color '​RED'​ in skin definitions (r20778)
 +  * Change layout of book popup dialog to allow for more text (r20780)
 +  * Use bold font in dialogs to emphasize important parts (r20781)
 +  * Use bold font in buttons (r20782)
 +  * Move the scrollbar in the message dialog to the right side (r20783)
 +  * Do not crash when using '​vertical'​ skin command outside dialogs (r20792)
 +  * Reliably raise dialogs after mouse clicks ​ (r20804)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic change to Yarid'​s House, Downstairs (scorn/​houses/​wizz.lev1) in Scorn for nicer wall merging around one of the doorways. No functional changes. (r20806)
 +  * Add conversion computations,​ and a description of existing coins to bank teller dialogue (r20807)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​852/​|#​852 Stack of rings of Occidental mages all gain same effect on applying it]] Correctly split rings of Occidental Mages if needed before applying an effect (r20809)
 ==== April 2019 ==== ==== April 2019 ====
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