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 ===== 2020 ===== ===== 2020 =====
 +==== June 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Removed duplicate attributes in mining pick (r21244)
 +=== GTKv2 Client===
 +  * Add metaserver refresh button to the metaserver selection window (r21245)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Make Bank of Skud Vault (scorn/​shops/​bank-vault) an indoor map, corrects map creator error (r21234)
 +  * Cosmetic corrections and fixes to Bank of Wolfsburg Vault (wolfsburg/​shops/​bank-wolfsburg-vault),​ no functional changes (r21235)
 +  * Fix stairs in Marksel and Port Joseph Bank vault maps - they should go up instead of down (r21237)
 +  * Update Stoneville bank maps to use a consistent name of Stoneville Bank and Savings Vault - that is how the world map references it (r21238)
 +  * Update bank vault map Bank of Skud, Santo Dominion Branch (santo_dominion/​shops/​bank_santodominion_vault) - missed the Vault in the title (r21239)
 +  * Fix exit coordinates for Bank of Marksel (marksel/​shops/​bank_marksel),​ old coordinates went to the wrong world map tile (r21240)
 +  * Update map names and sign references to the changes introduced in r20951, part of that commit was to make the map names more consistent (r21241)
 +  * Update translation guide found in the Itteifuhen Apa-to (azumauindo/​suno-yamatoshi/​apartments/​lapartment1) apartment map (r21242)
 +  * Update note found in Astral Vault (planes/​astral-vault) with buildable tile count, give exit portals titles related to what destination they go to (r21243)
 ==== May 2020 ==== ==== May 2020 ====
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