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 Please put most recent on bottom for month. Unless specified otherwise, changes are in [[:​sourceforge:​svn_code#​trunk]] only. Please put most recent on bottom for month. Unless specified otherwise, changes are in [[:​sourceforge:​svn_code#​trunk]] only.
 +===== 2020 =====
 +==== December 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add faces for animations to various horns (r21577)
 +  * New firebolt graphics for diagonals (r21581)
 +  * Update big tomato image (food/​produce/​tomato_big.base.111.png)so that it no longer has the light-colored outline (r21582)
 +  * Add horn of Mysteries as a new horn type, casts wonder (r21583)
 +  * Add new animation for counterwall (r21584)
 +  * Remove damage_physical from flame_touch (r21590)
 +  * Reduce image size for tinted ores (r21593)
 +  * Add spell casting arrows as artifacts (r21601)
 +  * Add animation to lamppost (r21616)
 +  * Update the graphic for whirlwind exit's face (r21619)
 +  * Fix violin'​s face (r21620)
 +  * New item, unlit (or burnt out) brazier (r21690)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Adjust Pixmap fog-of-war opacity ​ (r21610)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Add "​selectable_button"​ skin GUI element (r21641)
 +  * Add "​INVENTORY_OPTION"​ skin command ​ (r21642)
 +  * Add filter buttons to inventory dialog ​ (r21643)
 +  * Display quest status when clicking on a quest icon (r21657)
 +  * Implement animations for items in the inventory and on the floor (r21699)
 +  * Also show width and height of the active GUI element in --debug-gui ​ (r21679)
 +  * Properly display background in large GUIText elements (r21680)
 +  * Use modifier names like "​shift"​ or "​ctrl"​ in keybindings file (r21686)
 +  * Make inventory, knowledge, minimap, messages, quests, and spells dialogs user-resizable ​ (r21689)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Add chest style maps (r21586)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​364/​|Patch 364: Spell Emitter Arrows]] - Add spell casting script for arrows (r21599)
 +  * Update stair coordinate to Church of Valkyrie in Scorn (r21621)
 +  * Replace Temple of Valkyrie by Church of Valkyrie, adjust walls around (r21622)
 +  * Use Valkyrie'​s temple instead of a generic church in Navar (r21646)
 +  * Update structure name to match the internal map name (Church of Valkyrie) in Navar world map (world/​world_122_117) (r21672)
 +  * New map, Devourers Inner Sanctrum (navar_city/​temples/​devourers_lvl2) to add some lore outside of Navar (world/​world_121_116),​ updates to Devourers Sanctum (navar_city/​temples/​devourers) to link to the Inner Sanctum ​ (r21674)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Use a style map for chests in random maps instead of hardcoding the list (r21587)
 +  * Add speech bubble to NPCs (r21597)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​349/​|Patch 349: Stacked transmutation bugfix]]
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​883/​|Patch 883: Monsters will not apply weapons in their inventory]] -  Monsters will now apply weapons in their inventory
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​384/​|Use Patch: 384 Use tilde (~) for player-unique map paths]]
 +  * Fix reset of pickup mode at player death (r21614)
 +  * Switch server build to use Python 3 (r21625)
 +  * Add cfdb_convert,​ This Python 3 utility converts Python 2 bsddb '​shelve'​ databases to the default Python 3 '​shelve'​ format (r21626)
 +  * Fix monster knowledge not correctly saved (r21629, r21630)
 +  * Simplify party linked list removal code (r21644)
 +  * Fix resetting unique maps (r21651, r21652)
 +  * Add a client specific command to display quest information (r21656)
 +==== November 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Added Ranger class option, this allows greater emphasis on missile weapons in early game (r21536)
 +  * Adjust starting equipment for the Ranger class - they now have leather armor (r21537)
 +  * Image update for the lamp post in the classic image set (r21538)
 +  * New image for the composite bow (r21541)
 +  * Add guide to Ranged Combat so that the Ranger class starts out with a guide like other classes do (r21543)
 +  * Make the lamia'​s hair color match in both facings, before it was green when facing to the right and yellow when facing to the left (r21572)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Fix issue with clicking on the map displaying summary information being listed multiple times, now it only displays the object information once (r21534)
 +  * Fix line wrapping issue in the client message window (r21555)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​877/​| Bug #877 Trunk GTK client does not handle faceset selection from Configuration menu]] - client configuration option for selecting a face set works again (21556)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​372/​| Patch #372 Adjust colors in default client theme to improve contrast]] - Adjust standard theme background colors, the colors are more muted, somewhat lighter, to give better contrast on the default light colored background (r21564)
 +  * Fix Pixmap renderer smoothing (r21566)
 +    * Yes, the smoothing option for world map tiles works again in the client
 +=== JX Client === 
 +  * Report correct command names in error messages for "issue take" or "issue drop" script commands (r21559)
 +  * Increase inventory size to 20x6 items (r21574)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Update Rainbow Islands (pup_land/​rainbow/​islands) map to have the same width and height as Pup Land world map for proper alignment and tiling in Mapper, no functional changes (r21570)
 +  * Layout changes to A Small Shop (brest/​shops/​a_small_shop) to add more cosmetic changes to the map exterior, teleporter adjustments and world map entrance (world/​world_107_123) update (r21571)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Fix issue spawn issues with citylife plugin (r21529)
 +  * NPCs created from citylife plugin no longer drop inventory items when killed (r21530)
 +  * Starting equipment is correctly identified automatically now (r21532)
 +  * Fix segfault in Yarid'​s house from finding an unanimated trap (r21533)
 +  * Fix segfault crash issue during the player creation process and switching between player characters (r21539)
 +  * Fix issue that was preventing boats from traveling on the world map (r21553)
 +  * Make invisible lighting not be pushed around by spells. (r21554)
 +  * Make doors denotate traps and runes when successfully lockpicked on the first attempt (r21568)
 +  * Make spell flavor text not appear on unidentified items, also fix lack of book name when examining an unidentified spellbook (r21569)
 +==== October 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add artifact entry for silvered weapons, intent is for these to be primarily crafted, but the can show up in random loot occasionally (r21484)
 +  * Added silver filings as an arch and the formula to make them using the new file arch (r21485)
 +  * Add recipes to craft weapons of silvered edge, and allow scythe as a silverable weapon (r21486)
 +  * Allow metal file to randomly appear in loot (r21487)
 +  * Make aggravation a castable spell with level-scaling (r21489)
 +  * Make the horns that cast aggravation have a level above 1 so that they can actually affect things (r21490)
 +  * Add aggravation to the list of spells in sorcery books (r21491)
 +  * Prevent race lists for dwarves showing up with "​dwarf,​gnome,​dwarf,​dwarf..."​ and such (r21495)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Prevent multiple inclusions of main.h. Should fix [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​871/​|Bug #871]] (r21478)
 +  * Prevent a segfault when the server forcibly terminates a connection (r21500)
 +  * Remove vestigal hp, sp, grace, food, and xp info labels outside the progress bars from chthonic ui (r21510)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Use map tiling between pup_land/​world and pup_land/​rainbow/​islands,​ update exit references to reflect subsequent repositioning of map data (r21468)
 +  * Remove incorrect reference to '​artifact Port Joseph Bank' in world/​world_101_114 map (r21470)
 +  * Partially revert r21333 to prevent a segfault on the greenway plane (r21471)
 +  * Add missing map corrections for pupland tiling (r21479)
 +  * Fix museum of arms to correctly show white and balck leather cloaks, while here, fix a mispalced magic_mouth message on a shield (r21480)
 +  * Add additional floorstyles (indoor, lightwood, outdoor, outdoor_lush,​ stones2, wood floor, woodfloor1) to random maps (r21481)
 +  * Fix House of Treasure (pup_land/​begin/​adv) only producing the "You are lucky" note and not the accompanying ring/amulet (r21494)
 +  * Improve utilization of creator arch in House of Treasure (pup_land/​begin/​adv) for the hint from the semi-gods creation (r21499)
 +  * Fix flagstone tile in entrance area of Scorn Tannery that allowed spells to be cast (r21517)
 +  * Fix handling in autojail when a player is killed by starvation (r21519)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Use the Animations directly instead of using a number, hide a non significant variable (r21469)
 +  * Fix wrong container name with using 'apply -u' (r21472)
 +  * Fix buffer overflow in bowmode command when exceedingly long bowmode is supplied (r21476)
 +  * Prevent buffer overflow in command `plugin (r21477)
 +  * Prepare aggravation for use as a legitimate spell, patch some exploits and ensure it functions (r21488)
 +  * Fix recipe book name generation for products without titles (r21492)
 +  * Add some additional book names (omnibus, research notes, crafting manual, essay, opuscule, dissertation) (r21493)
 +  * Add an event hook for when an item is bought (r21501)
 +  * Add archetype for BOUGHT event (r21507)
 +  * Add a log message to indicate when initialization completes (i.e, server log now displays message after launching: Waiting for Connection) (r21511)
 +  * Refactor town portal spell effects (r21512)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​377|Patch #377: Display information about spellbooks in the object title]] (r21514)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​378|Patch #378: Display spell and skill descriptions when examining objects that contain them]] (r21515)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​379|Patch #379: Add descriptions to all skill objects]] (r21516)
 +  * Prevent a segfault when a skill tool's skill lacks a message (r21521)
 +  * No longer possible to attempt to cast a spell in a no_magic area and lose spell points; the spell is blocked before the spell points are '​spent'​ (r21524)
 +==== September 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * New image for the demon gate. Moved old image to the classic tileset (r21331)
 +  * New spell -- searing weapon. Grants the fire attacktype to the target temporarily (r21334)
 +  * Prevent xp shenanigans with dip command by making the empty bottles, bags, glasses, etc identified (r21355) ​
 +  * Added new craftable lead armor, it grants acid resistance at a penalty to Dex (21356)
 +  * Add custom racial class face for dwarf barbarian, using mountain dwarf face that was otherwise unused (r21359)
 +    * Will only appear in-game if server r21357 or newer is used
 +  * Pixel cleanup on bag of popcorn face (r21360, r21441)
 +  * Correct Balrog'​s race line so that ring of Mithrandir affects them, and make faerie dragons be both faeries and dragons (r21361)
 +  * Add face for 'gold to silver'​ converter (r21366)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​373/​|Patch #373 Class/race cleanup: fenx, mage, alchemist ]] (r21394)
 +    * These patches fix some minor issues:
 +      * fenx incorrectly had some abilities from elf
 +      * mage is an exact duplicate of warlock
 +      * alchemist was given a sorcery talisman and was thus unable to cast alchemy, a summoning spell
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​374|Patch #374 Barbarian: replace use magic item with punching ]] (r21395)
 +    * This adds the Punching skill to barbarians, and removes Use Magic Item for lore purposes
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​375|Patch #375 Update all class and race descriptions for greater clarity]] (r21396)
 +     * This overhauls all of the class and race descriptions
 +       * Flavour text is left mostly untouched, but the informational headers at the start of the race descriptions are made (hopefully) clearer and redundant information is cleared out, and similar headers are added to all of the class descriptions so it's clear to the player what abilities and items each class starts with
 +       * Update all race descriptions
 +         * This cleans up the header at the start of each race description to remove "​dead"​ lines (e.g. "​Special:​ None") and hopefully make it a bit more readable overall (e.g. starting items are now "​Item:"​ rather than "​Special:"​)
 +  * Run optipng on the draughts tokens (r21400)
 +  * Run optipng on ashes image (r21406)
 +  * Make the magic ear/mouth imagery have transparency (r21424)
 +    * It should be easier to see what's under them when map building this way
 +  * Clean up the palette and run optipng on dragonclaw_dagger (r21427)
 +  * Run optipng on quaathu images (r21428)
 +  * Run optipng on the bar images (r21431)
 +  * Add transparency to fireholes image (r21432) ​
 +  * Make tridents less blindingly bright, move old images to classic image set (r21436) ​
 +  * Remove the alpha layer and combine the transparency section to use one color, then remove unused colors from the palette of Armless Cook graphic (r21443)
 +  * Store same image in less space by removing alpha channel, making all transparency the same color, and cleaning up the palette of the Pirate graphic (r21444)
 +  * create missile: Allow specifying bolt or arrow when casting or invoking instead of only relying on whether a crossbow is equiped ​ (r21449)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Client-side scripting: Add support for commands with tags: drop, take, apply (r21328)
 +      * The script will get tag numbers by requesting the inventory. These could already be used with:
 +          * issue mark <tag>
 +          * issue lock <tag>
 +        * With this commit, that is expanded to now include
 +          * issue drop <tag> [<​count>​]
 +          * issue take <tag> [<​count>​]
 +          * issue apply <tag>
 +  * Client-side scripting: Some commands can send a lot of data, and this data was silently truncated. Now the full data is sent. (r21329)
 +  * Client-side scripting: Fix '​request map' command in cases where the square is unknown. (r21330)
 +  * add --script=SCRIPT_NAME command-line option (not tested on Windows) ​ (r21435)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Properly show error messages while connecting to the server (r21336)
 +  * Fix spurious warning "​Warning:​ connection state is WAIT_REPLYINFO when switching to state WAIT_REPLYINFO,​ expecting state ADDME" (r21338)
 +  * Properly paint smoothed faces (r21342)
 +  * build-setup:​ Print a sensible error message when run as root (r21386)
 +  * Use a darker green for [color=green] text tags  (r21387)
 +  * Accelerate map repaints (r21404)
 +  * Fix possible race condition when repainting the map view  (r21410)
 +  * Fix possible race condition in network code (r21412)
 +  * Fix possible race conditions when painting items (21413)
 +  * Fix possible race conditions when painting tooltips (21414)
 +  * Fix possible race conditions when painting maps (21415)
 +  * Change behavior of "​request map" script commands to make it more similar to GTKv2'​s behavior (r21417)
 +  * Update URLs in documentation and help dialog ​ (r21419)
 +  * Make ground view more readable (r21421)
 +  * Fix "​request map" script commands to actually report (0, 0) as the initial map position (r21434)
 +  * Implement "issue take", "issue drop", "issue apply",​ and "issue <​arbitrary command>"​ script commands (r21438)
 +  * Make message window taller (r21439)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Adjust weapon of Souls python code to use TotalExp field instead of PermExp (r21327)
 +  * Use '​warlock'​ face instead of mage face (which is being removed) in Hall Of Selection map (r21362)
 +  * Minor English/​grammar cleanup in Darcap quests map (r21389)
 +  * Added a description summary for Lone Town in the regions.reg file (r21452)
 +  * Added a description summary for Brest in the regions.reg file (r21453)
 +  * Added a description summary for Pup Land in the regions.reg file (r21454)
 +  * Added a description summary for Ancient Pup Land in the regions.reg file (r21455)
 +  * Added a description summary for Nurnberg in the regions.reg file (r21456)
 +  * Update sword of Souls python code to reflect movement of handling exp scaling to caller in r21461 ​
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Prevent usage of unpaid keys in doors (r21346)
 +  * Add a check for unpaid when searching for a skill tool to automatically apply (r21347)
 +  * Add new help file for the dm command, follow ​ (r21348)
 +  * Allow check_inv objects to only look for exclusively unpaid or unxlusively not unpaid items, default to not unpaid (r21351)
 +  * Update the shutdown command with changes from r21202 ​ (r21352)
 +  * Fix "BUG: Thrown object had no map" errors from monsters grabbing thrown items out of the air (r21354)
 +  * Refactor application of class face/anim to allow for race-specific class faces even for classes that lack noclassfacechange (r21357)
 +  * Don't display media tags by default in item names; clients don't handle media tags in tooltips or floor, so only use tags when describing items (r21363)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​376/​|Patch #376 use object_can_merge() to deduplicate starting inventory ]] - Players can now start with multiple spell books, and no duplicate spell books in their starting inventory (r21393)
 +  * Reorder output of successful spellbook reading (r21426)
 +      * On a successful read, it will now show you the contents of the book (i.e. the spell description) followed by "you succeed in learning the spell",​ rather than telling you that you succeed first and then displaying the book contents
 +  * Fix handling for multi-tile containers (r21437)
 +    * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​880/​|Bug #880 Containers: multi-tiles containers not correctly handled ]] 
 +    * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​879/​|Bug #879 Containers: no face change when on the ground ]]
 +      * This fixes face changing, and closing when moving off the container
 +         * There still is a small bug, when moving on the container, it'll be closed anyway, it could be kept opened ​
 +         * Not sure it's easy to fix though.
 +  * Add a config option MIN_NAME to restrict very short account and character names (r21445)
 +  * '​apply'​ command: Pass through and honor '​-a'​ and '​-u'​ flags for containers and add a new flag '​-o'​ to fully open a container in your inventory (r21446)
 +  * Disallow use of unpaid building materials (r21447)
 +  * Use pickup mode when completing jumps (r21448)
 +  * Add '​face'​ command to have the player face a given direction without taking any action (r21450)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​feature-requests/​263/​|Feature Request #263 Limit harvesting ]] Add harvesting limits (r21463)
 +    * Harvested items are now removed from their tile, so it can become exhausted
 +    * Allow replacement of exhausted tiles with another archetype, or suppression of said tile
 +==== August 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Corrected amberium to jade converter ratio (r21256)
 +  * Fix typo for broken formula: food of Stamina (r21261, r21262)
 +  * Add Rune of Sparking to the set of runes available in the game, it releases a spark shower when triggered (r21269)
 +  * Add background color behind the sign name on the Fantasy Weapon store (shop/​store_weap_fant.base.x11.png) (r21306)
 +  * Add background color behind the sign name on the Fantasy Armour store (shop/​store_armo_fant.base.x11.png) (r21307)
 +  * Clean up pixelation on the flagstone wall (wall/​flagstone/​flagstone_*) sections, redesign of flagstone_0.base.111.png (r21317)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Snapshot release of the GTKv2 Client for Windows
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Update fallback list of servers to show if the metaserver cannot be reached and no cached data is available (r21290)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Make Rune of Sparking appear in random map traps in place of Rune of Marking, which did nothing (r21270)
 +  * Added the world map tile (world_120_110) south of Hamlet of Lord Marksel to the Marksel region (r21274)
 +  * Make water dipped into a fountain be identified, so as to prevent infinite alchemy experience from repeated drinking of the water and re-dipping (r21300)
 +  * Fix broken exit coordinates in City de Clouds (mlab/​citydeclouds/​citydeclouds2F)(r21311)
 +  * Numerous cosmetic, design and functional changes to Astral Vault (planes/​astral-vault) to prevent players from using the map as free transportation (r21311)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Add artifact (weapon) of Souls (r21255)
 +    * Also depends on r21250, r21251, r21252, r21253, r21254, 21301
 +  * Fix [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​854/​|bug #854]]. Monsters now go slower when hit with slow effects (r21260 and r21271)
 +  * Don't expose local file system paths in the '​who'​ and '​mapinfo'​ commands for apartments (r21263)
 +  * Fix '​maps'​ command to display correct timeout information and flag active maps; if a map is in-use, use full timeout, not meaningless current timeout, and add in the in-memory timeout (r21264) ​
 +  * '​maps'​ command should only display in-memory time for unique maps (r21272)
 +  * Make sound volume be relative to proximity of the emitter (r21273)
 +  * Fix map timeout display for random maps with no timeout set (r21275)
 +  * '​maps'​ command: allow search string with comma-separated multple options and display the string so that the user knows what they requested (r21276)
 +  * Fix bug where players-in-map counts are messed up when entering/​exiting transports (r21290)
 +  * Allow duplicators/​destructors to fire on multiple above objects if nrof>1 (r21292)
 +  * Allow converters to match on wildcards (r21293)
 +  * hiscore: If someone has a custom title starting with a comma, eliminate the space after their name (r21294)
 +  * Add a space between sentences in the improvement potion consumption message (r21295)
 +  * Added new help file for the dip command (r21302)
 +  * Track total_exp instead of perm_exp; elminates rounding errors ​ (r21321)
 +  * Restrict teleporters based on subtype and other_arch to specific object types  (r21322)
 +  * Improve '​skills'​ command output and add '​-l'​ option for full perm exp data (r21323)
 +  * Longer spell formatting to avoid cutting off longer spell names  (r21324)
 +  * Turn off pickup and search_items modes on death to avoid messing up stuff in the apartment (r21325)  ​
 +While not visible in the game, numerous compile warnings were also corrected (r21277 - r21288, 21291)
 +==== July 2020 ====
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Sentrio'​s farmhouse (lake_country/​sentrio_farmhouse) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update world map (world/​world_108_126) for entrance coordinate changes (r21247)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Iscar'​s house (navar_city/​iscar) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update world map (world/​world_122_117) for entrance coordinate changes (r21248)
 +  * Update Iscar'​s house (navar_city/​iscar) to animate the front door so it opens and closes for visiting players (r21249)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​873/​|Bug Fix 873: Balm of Return Home fails in magic denied areas.]] Players can now use Balm of Return Home in magic-denied areas to recall back to their last Bed to Reality (r21246)
 +==== June 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Removed duplicate attributes in mining pick (r21244)
 +=== GTKv2 Client===
 +  * Add metaserver refresh button to the metaserver selection window (r21245)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Make Bank of Skud Vault (scorn/​shops/​bank-vault) an indoor map, corrects map creator error (r21234)
 +  * Cosmetic corrections and fixes to Bank of Wolfsburg Vault (wolfsburg/​shops/​bank-wolfsburg-vault),​ no functional changes (r21235)
 +  * Fix stairs in Marksel and Port Joseph Bank vault maps - they should go up instead of down (r21237)
 +  * Update Stoneville bank maps to use a consistent name of Stoneville Bank and Savings Vault - that is how the world map references it (r21238)
 +  * Update bank vault map Bank of Skud, Santo Dominion Branch (santo_dominion/​shops/​bank_santodominion_vault) - missed the Vault in the title (r21239)
 +  * Fix exit coordinates for Bank of Marksel (marksel/​shops/​bank_marksel),​ old coordinates went to the wrong world map tile (r21240)
 +  * Update map names and sign references to the changes introduced in r20951, part of that commit was to make the map names more consistent (r21241)
 +  * Update translation guide found in the Itteifuhen Apa-to (azumauindo/​suno-yamatoshi/​apartments/​lapartment1) apartment map (r21242)
 +  * Update note found in Astral Vault (planes/​astral-vault) with buildable tile count, give exit portals titles related to what destination they go to (r21243)
 +==== May 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * New animation for wizard players (r21227)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Update Bank of Skud, Navar Branch (navar_city/​misc/​city1bank) to give more space in the lobby area for the conversion tables ​ (r21229)
 +  * Added a new region, Astral Plane (r21230)
 +  * New feature map, Astral Vault - a way for players to have access to common storage that is accessible from any of the current bank maps (r21231)
 +==== April 2020 ====
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Fix random client freezes when sound is enabled ​ (r21214)
 +  * Fix random sound freezes ​ (r21216)
 +  * Attempt to fix smoothing when no item no the same layer (r21218)
 +  * Snapshot release ( based on r21218)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Fix entrance to Elven Moon (lake_country/​elven_moon) (r21220)
 +      * Fixed some water tiles with move_block set incorrectly that allow passage to the island even without the bridge
 +      * Move magic mouth underneath floor so it does not appear when 'show invisible'​ is cast
 +      * Make invisible barrier see-through
 +  * Deploy deposit boxes to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, Lake Country and Chokinbank (Suno Yamatoshi) banks (r21222)
 +  * Cosmetic change with how swall sections merge with nearby walls in Chokinbank (azumauindo/​suno-yamatoshi/​shops/​bank1),​ no functional changes (r21223)
 +  * Deploy bank tellers to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, and Lake Country banks  (r21224)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Improve shutdown handling (r21202)
 +      * Shut down immediately on signal or '​shutdown now', instead of waiting up to 51 ticks
 +      * Warn players on login, and more often
 +  * Skill code handling improvements (r21203, r21204, r21205)
 +  * Add '​dumpabove'​ command, similar to '​dumpbelow'​ (r21208)
 +==== March 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​363|patch # 363]] Apply modified patch for rock mining (r21125)
 +  * Move non-generated files from server/lib/ to arch/ (r21127)
 +      * Logically, these files belong with the archs, since if the archs change, these files may need to change, too
 +      * Moving them to arch should also remove the need for those running with custom maps/archs from needing to change the server tree
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Update version number (r21139)
 +  * Improve latency profiler output (r21193)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Mike Miller'​s house now uses the archetype cure_poison object instead of a custom item (r21176)
 +  * New map, Bank of Marksel (marksel/​shops/​bank_marksel) in the Hamlet of Lord Marksel. World map (world/​world_120_109) update for the bank map (r21177)
 +  * Add '​dip'​ command (r21185)
 +      * Dipping allows players to fill empty bottles from fountains
 +  * Shops in Brest now have a fixed reset time
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Bobo's Shop (pup_land/​rainbow/​red_town/​shop) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update Red Town (pup_land/​rainbow/​red_town/​town) for entrance coordinate changes. (r21200)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Allow multiple skills to share the same subtype (r21124)
 +    * This is useful for skills like harvesting (fishing, mining, and such) which work similarly and only differ in the skill
 +  * Numerous code optimization and improvements
 +  * Remove PlM column from '​maps'​ command (r21141)
 +  * Report skipped time in milliseconds (r21142)
 +  * Improve '​malloc'​ command output (r21143)
 +  * Retire MAX_OBJECTS (r21144)
 +  * Fix some crashes caused by accesses to missing archetypes (r21159)
 +  * Play sound for all kills (r21181)
 +  * Add more sound events for button, food and gate (r21183)
 +  * Improve '​maps'​ command output (r21184)
 +  * Party code imporvements (r21187 - r21189)
 +  * Add book about using the dipping with fountains (r21190)
 +==== February 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​367/​|Patch #367 Cracked potion]] Add cracked generic potion, and corresponding glass rubble (r21109)
 +=== CRE ===
 +  * Now able to display background music information for maps (r21106)
 +  * Now able to display total number of maps (r21108)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Fix --debug-gui to properly show GUI elements in dialogs (r21093)
 +  * Make sounds work again (r21096)
 +  * Add support for mp3 sounds (r21098)
 +  * Play background music with lower volume (r21111)
 +  * Add some background music files (r21113)
 +  * Add scripts for building a Docker based build environment (r21121)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * New map, Bank of Wolfsburg (wolfsburg/​shops/​bank-wolfsburg) in Wolfsburg. World map (world/​world_128_109) update for the bank map (r21090)
 +  * New map, Port Joseph Bank (port_joseph/​town/​bank) in Port Joseph. World map (world/​world_101_114) update for the bank map (r21091)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Refactor cult-switching - takes more time and effort for the player to switch cults when they are higher level and/or if switching to enemy cult (r21102)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​363/​|Patch #363 Mining Skill (Pt. 1 Live off the Land Update)]] (r21110)
 +==== January 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Minor pixel clean up and color tweaks to east west river bridge (river/​bridge_37.base.111.png) ​
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Snapshot release - Improvements for scripting
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Barracks (scorn/​houses/​barracks) to add more visual space on the map perimeter, and changed the floor from dirt to cobblestone. Update Scorn world map (world/​world_105_115) for entrance coordinate changes to Barracks.
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Mess Hall (scorn/​houses/​messhall) to add more visual space on the map perimeter, and changed the floor from dirt to cobblestone. Update Scorn world map (world/​world_105_115) for entrance coordinate changes to Mess Hall.
 +  * New map, Lake Country Bank (lake_country/​shops/​lc-bank) in Lake Country. World map (world/​world_109_126) for the bank map. 
 ===== 2019 ===== ===== 2019 =====
 +==== December 2019 ====
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Release of v 1.74.0 (r21057)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Fix incorrect exit coordinates on Alfalfa'​s House ground level (r21042)
 +  * Added kite shield to Museum of Arms (navar_city/​magara/​houses/​museum) map in Navar. Requires archetype update r21039 or newer (r21054)
 +  * Add more farmland outside Scorn, add more farmland in the style of a manor outside Scorn (r21071)
 +  * New map, Serf's Housein Scorn County (r21073)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​869/​|Bug #869 Default language in gtkv2 client always defaults to French]] Correctly find default language for new players (r21059)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​868/​|Bug #868 "​quit"​ should not delete a character]] Rename '​quit'​ command to '​delete'​. Make it harder to delete a character by renaming '​quit'​ to '​delete'​. New players have been known to accidentally delete their character despite the warning. (r21060)
 +  * Stop warning about magic items without inventory, some magical items like horn bases are not associated with a spell (r21061)
 +  * Always check weight in check_spell_knockback(),​ Since we check for nonzero weight in check_spell_knockback() anyway, do the check there and don't warn about it being nonzero (r21062)
 +  * Update item name when applying item. Applying an item identifies its enchantment,​ which changes the base name. Send the client a name update. (r21063)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​804/​|Bug #804 Container weight not updated on client when item is consume]] Send weight update after object_decrease_nrof(),​ This fixes bugs/804, where eating food out of a container in the player'​s inventory doesn'​t update the displayed container weight (r21067)
 +  * Add formulas for casting and melting rings and amulets (r21070)
 +  * Add citylife to scorncounty (r21072)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​861/​ |#861 Horn of Sirens appearing as random loot]] Players in possession of a Horn of Sirens now only have horns. Fix by adding the artifact back, but setting the chance to 0. (r21078)
 +==== November 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add missing newline to end of spell_sparkshower (r21030)
 +  * Add kite shield as a shield archetype (r21039)
 +  * Add kite shield to random treasure (r21040)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Refactor save_object() (r21031)
 +    * Split save_object() into a version that only stores the object string in a StringBuffer. This allows future code that stores objects in places other than map files.
 +  *  Use pkg-config to find Python (r21033)
 +    * This sets the stage to switch to Python 3, retiring our CF_CHECK_PYTHON ​
 +  * Fix build with Python 3.6 (r21034)
 +  * Add warning about failing to initialize curl (r21035)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​861/​|Bug 861: External Horn of Sirens appearing as random loot ]]Fix horn of Sirens as a random loot (r21038)
 +  * Add an artifact specific to new kite shield archetype -- kite shield of Flight (r21041)
 +==== October 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Merge spell lore or summary text with some modifications from Spell_shuffle branch (r21028)
 +    * No spell schools, level, or other modifiers imported with this update
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Make scripted commands work again (r21027)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * CRE now uses C++11 for compilation (r21019)
 +  * CRE now correctly display report footer (r21022)
 +  * Tooltips and help updates in CRE (r21024)
 +==== September 2019 ====
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Level 4 (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.4) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. (r21006)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Level 3 (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.3) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. (r21007)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Entrance (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.1) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. ​ (r21008)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Dungeon (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.b1) for nicer merging between spiked walls and rough walls. No functional changes. (r21010)
 +  * Fill up the rest of the empty map space with blocked tiles in Cave (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​cave.b2),​ adjust rough walls for nicer merging with nearby walls. No functional changes. (r21012)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to adjust rough walls for nicer merging with each other in Cave (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​cave.b1). No functional changes. (r21013)
 +  * Cosmetic changes between spiked walls and normal walls in Kurte'​s Shop (pup_land/​ancient/​kurte/​shop) for nicer merging. No functional changes. (r21015)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to remove blocked tiles and replace them with solid cave wall segments, other changes for nicer cave wall merging in Path (pup_land/​ancient/​ruin/​path). No functional changes. (r21016)
 +  * New random food shop map, Wolfsburg Provisions (wolfsburg/​shops/​wolfsburg_provisions) in Wolfsburg (world/​world_128_109) (r21018)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Fixed a crash at login issue (r21017)
 +==== August 2019 ====
 +Commit number 21000!
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add white and black leather cloaks as archetypes so that they can be created via formulae (r20943)
 +  * New archetype, sea_route (20965)
 +      * Sea routes are indistinguishable from normal sea tiles, except for the arch name
 +      * This helps automated travel objects (i.e., ships) distinguish between sea routes and plain old sea tiles
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Avoid unnecessary calls to draw_lists(),​ this speeds up inventory redraw when picking up and dropping many items (r20926)
 +  * Improvements for inventory display and handling (r20971 - r20976, r20980)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Minor cosmetic change to a cave wall section for nicer merging in Snake Pit, Level 5 (lake_country/​snake_pit/​snakepit_5) in Lake Country. No functional changes. (r20923)
 +  * Deposit boxes added to numerous world bank maps such as Brest, Darcap, Dragon Islan, City de Clouds, Navar, Lone Town, Nurnberg and Santo Dominion (r10951)
 +  * The Scorn General Store now sells writing pens and blank books for the literacy skill (r20955)
 +  * Code changes so the travel cart outside of Scorn can travel more quickly (r20961)
 +  * Smooth road between Scorn and Navar, the cart can now travel both ways between Scorn and Navar (r20961)
 +  * The travel cart will now always print/​display a message when stopping (r10962)
 +  * The travel cart now costs 100 platinum (r20963)
 +    * Look for the payment altar outside of Eastern Gate of Scorn
 +    * This allows multiple players to use or operate the cart at one time
 +  * Smooth out the road between Scorn and Lake Country (r20966)
 +  * Smooth out the road between Scorn and Darcap (r20967)
 +  * Update Undead Training center (r20968)
 +    * Make exit from training center return to the original map, instead of teleporting back to Lake Country
 +    * Straighten the roads out a bit
 +  * Add roads in Fishing Village (world_123_123) (r20981)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Improvements for socket buffer handling to prevent corrupt data being sent to the client, which can cause login issues for the player (r20928) ​
 +  * Add login message for new characters with accounts in the server logs (r20935)
 +  * Make objects in icecubes decay slower (r20939)
 +    * This make it possible to "​freeze"​ items such as Demon Ichor or Ghost Ecoplasm in ice cubes to make them last slightly longer
 +  * Stop destroying items based only on die roll (r20942)
 +    * Always look at the material type and resistances. Previously, immune objects could still be destroyed by attacks; for example, ice storm could cause an ice cube to unfreeze
 +  * Add artifacts and formulae for black/white leather cloaks (r20945)
 +  * Improve handling of formula check to handle cauldron and tool differences (r20946)
 +      * The server is able to handle two of the same recipes and produce different results based on what crafting table or cauldron the player is using
 +  * Changes with food calculations(r20956)
 +    * Dragons players are now subject to cursed food effects ​
 +  * Slow players down if they eat too much (r20984)
 +    * Players who consume food that would go over the max 999, will now have short (about 1minute) movement and combat penalty - watch for the message "​Eating the food ration makes you very full. You feel yourself moving much slower."​
 +    * When the affect is over - watch for the messages "You feel like you're moving faster."​ and "You feel your digestion slowing down."
 +  * Clarify stat change messages from effects like character death or depletion attacks or restored from Potions of Life or consuming a stat potion (r20985)
 +      * "Oh no! You are weakened!"​ -> "You feel drained of strength."​
 +      * "​You'​re feeling clumsy!"​ -> "You feel drained of agility."​
 +      * "Your health deteriorates!"​ -> "You feel drained of health."​
 +      * "You suddenly begin to lose your memory!"​ -> "You feel drained of wisdom."​
 +      * "Your face gets distorted!"​ -> "You feel drained of charisma." ​
 +      * "Watch out, your mind is going!"​ ->"​You feel drained of intelligence."​
 +      * "Your spirit feels drained!"​ -> "You feel drained of power."​
 +      * "You feel your memory return."​ -> "You feel your intelligence return."​
 +      * "You feel your spirits return."​ -> "You feel your power return."​
 +      * "You lose some of your memory!"​ -> "You feel foolish!"​
 +  * Correctly calculate player speed and reduce command response latency (r20991 - r20993)
 +      * Reduces amount of time the game takes to process player issued commands
 +==== July 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Part of [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​360/​|Patch #360]], this reduces the base price of balms so that the price of balms of first aid can be reduced (r20905)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Change key handling to reduce lag after holding down a key (r20918)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Merge in patches [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​358/​|358]] and [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​359/​|359]] to change pricing of items for sale in Temple of Healing (navar_city/​misc/​templeofhealing) in Navar (r20919)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​360/​|Patch #360 Reduce cost of balm of first aid]] Reduces the cost of balm of first aid (r20906)
 +==== June 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Reduce color count and image file size of fishing pole (skills/​Skill_Tools/​fishing_pole.base.111.png) by changing from RGB image to Indexed image (r20822)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Make sure that disabled GUI elements actually ignore mouse clicks and key presses (r20830)
 +  * Fix --debug-protocol command line option to reliably log all messages (r20834)
 +  * Add "​color-disabled"​ to "​textbutton"​ in skin files (r20836)
 +  * Properly update combobox contents (r20837)
 +  * Suppress unneeded combobox updates ​ (r20838)
 +  * Prevent scrolling in comboboxes (r20839)
 +  * Add tooltips to comboboxes (r20840)
 +  * Order items in comboboxes ​ (r20841)
 +  * Add support for sending '​createplayer'​ commands with attributes (r20844)
 +  * Extend the "​Connecting to server..."​ phase until all requested information has been received from the server (r20848)
 +  * Add support for hiding comboboxes (r20850)
 +  * Add NewCharModel for storing options for character creation (r20851)
 +  * In create character dialog: Disable '​Create'​ button if no character name has been entered (r20852)
 +  * Support "​loginmethod 2": Allow the player to select options during character creation ​ (r20859)
 +  * Query metaserver immediately after program start (r20864)
 +  * Fix login issue with metalforge (r20866)
 +  * Fix display corruption when using magic map while fog-of-war is visible (r20877)
 +  * Properly update minimap after magic map (r20881)
 +  * Center book popup (r20882)
 +  * Make map square above player clickable for lookat (r20883)
 +  * Break long lines in meta server tooltips (r20884)
 +  * Resize close buttons on dialogs to match the height of the dialog title (r20886)
 +  * Add help icons to some dialogs (r20890)
 +  * Make applied/​worn items in inventory more visible (r20893)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Brest CVT (brest/​shops/​brest.cvt) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update Brest world map (world/​world_107_123) for entrance coordinate changes to Brest CVT (r20903)
 +==== May 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Modify fishing pole graphic (skills/​Skill_Tools/​fishing_pole.base.111.png) to clean up and remove pixelation (r20816)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Use one window for metaserver and login dialogs (r20766)
 +    * Each of the metaserver and login dialogs used to be in a separate window that was raised and lowered in sequence. Now, all the pre-game dialogs are in one window that is not replaced until play starts.
 +  * Trim trailing whitespace from spell descriptions (r20767)
 +  * Add latency profiling command-line option (r20786)
 +  * Rename '​--time-redraw'​ to '​--profile-redraw'​ (r20786)
 +  * Restore option to allow connecting to a server directly when launching the client, i.e., --server <​server_name or IP address> (r20789)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  *  Slight layout changes: Move buttons in main screen to right side and use consistent border gaps in dialogs. (r20774)
 +  * Support color '​RED'​ in skin definitions (r20778)
 +  * Change layout of book popup dialog to allow for more text (r20780)
 +  * Use bold font in dialogs to emphasize important parts (r20781)
 +  * Use bold font in buttons (r20782)
 +  * Move the scrollbar in the message dialog to the right side (r20783)
 +  * Do not crash when using '​vertical'​ skin command outside dialogs (r20792)
 +  * Reliably raise dialogs after mouse clicks ​ (r20804)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic change to Yarid'​s House, Downstairs (scorn/​houses/​wizz.lev1) in Scorn for nicer wall merging around one of the doorways. No functional changes. (r20806)
 +  * Add conversion computations,​ and a description of existing coins to bank teller dialogue (r20807)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​852/​|#​852 Stack of rings of Occidental mages all gain same effect on applying it]] Correctly split rings of Occidental Mages if needed before applying an effect (r20809)
 ==== April 2019 ==== ==== April 2019 ====
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