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 Please put most recent on bottom for month. Unless specified otherwise, changes are in [[:​sourceforge:​svn_code#​trunk]] only. Please put most recent on bottom for month. Unless specified otherwise, changes are in [[:​sourceforge:​svn_code#​trunk]] only.
 +===== 2020 =====
 +==== June 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Removed duplicate attributes in mining pick (r21244)
 +=== GTKv2 Client===
 +  * Add metaserver refresh button to the metaserver selection window (r21245)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Make Bank of Skud Vault (scorn/​shops/​bank-vault) an indoor map, corrects map creator error (r21234)
 +  * Cosmetic corrections and fixes to Bank of Wolfsburg Vault (wolfsburg/​shops/​bank-wolfsburg-vault),​ no functional changes (r21235)
 +  * Fix stairs in Marksel and Port Joseph Bank vault maps - they should go up instead of down (r21237)
 +  * Update Stoneville bank maps to use a consistent name of Stoneville Bank and Savings Vault - that is how the world map references it (r21238)
 +  * Update bank vault map Bank of Skud, Santo Dominion Branch (santo_dominion/​shops/​bank_santodominion_vault) - missed the Vault in the title (r21239)
 +  * Fix exit coordinates for Bank of Marksel (marksel/​shops/​bank_marksel),​ old coordinates went to the wrong world map tile (r21240)
 +  * Update map names and sign references to the changes introduced in r20951, part of that commit was to make the map names more consistent (r21241)
 +  * Update translation guide found in the Itteifuhen Apa-to (azumauindo/​suno-yamatoshi/​apartments/​lapartment1) apartment map (r21242)
 +  * Update note found in Astral Vault (planes/​astral-vault) with buildable tile count, give exit portals titles related to what destination they go to (r21243)
 +==== May 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * New animation for wizard players (r21227)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Update Bank of Skud, Navar Branch (navar_city/​misc/​city1bank) to give more space in the lobby area for the conversion tables ​ (r21229)
 +  * Added a new region, Astral Plane (r21230)
 +  * New feature map, Astral Vault - a way for players to have access to common storage that is accessible from any of the current bank maps (r21231)
 +==== April 2020 ====
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Fix random client freezes when sound is enabled ​ (r21214)
 +  * Fix random sound freezes ​ (r21216)
 +  * Attempt to fix smoothing when no item no the same layer (r21218)
 +  * Snapshot release ( based on r21218)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Fix entrance to Elven Moon (lake_country/​elven_moon) (r21220)
 +      * Fixed some water tiles with move_block set incorrectly that allow passage to the island even without the bridge
 +      * Move magic mouth underneath floor so it does not appear when 'show invisible'​ is cast
 +      * Make invisible barrier see-through
 +  * Deploy deposit boxes to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, Lake Country and Chokinbank (Suno Yamatoshi) banks (r21222)
 +  * Cosmetic change with how swall sections merge with nearby walls in Chokinbank (azumauindo/​suno-yamatoshi/​shops/​bank1),​ no functional changes (r21223)
 +  * Deploy bank tellers to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, and Lake Country banks  (r21224)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Improve shutdown handling (r21202)
 +      * Shut down immediately on signal or '​shutdown now', instead of waiting up to 51 ticks
 +      * Warn players on login, and more often
 +  * Skill code handling improvements (r21203, r21204, r21205)
 +  * Add '​dumpabove'​ command, similar to '​dumpbelow'​ (r21208)
 +==== March 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​363|patch # 363]] Apply modified patch for rock mining (r21125)
 +  * Move non-generated files from server/lib/ to arch/ (r21127)
 +      * Logically, these files belong with the archs, since if the archs change, these files may need to change, too
 +      * Moving them to arch should also remove the need for those running with custom maps/archs from needing to change the server tree
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Update version number (r21139)
 +  * Improve latency profiler output (r21193)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Mike Miller'​s house now uses the archetype cure_poison object instead of a custom item (r21176)
 +  * New map, Bank of Marksel (marksel/​shops/​bank_marksel) in the Hamlet of Lord Marksel. World map (world/​world_120_109) update for the bank map (r21177)
 +  * Add '​dip'​ command (r21185)
 +      * Dipping allows players to fill empty bottles from fountains
 +  * Shops in Brest now have a fixed reset time
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Bobo's Shop (pup_land/​rainbow/​red_town/​shop) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update Red Town (pup_land/​rainbow/​red_town/​town) for entrance coordinate changes. (r21200)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Allow multiple skills to share the same subtype (r21124)
 +    * This is useful for skills like harvesting (fishing, mining, and such) which work similarly and only differ in the skill
 +  * Numerous code optimization and improvements
 +  * Remove PlM column from '​maps'​ command (r21141)
 +  * Report skipped time in milliseconds (r21142)
 +  * Improve '​malloc'​ command output (r21143)
 +  * Retire MAX_OBJECTS (r21144)
 +  * Fix some crashes caused by accesses to missing archetypes (r21159)
 +  * Play sound for all kills (r21181)
 +  * Add more sound events for button, food and gate (r21183)
 +  * Improve '​maps'​ command output (r21184)
 +  * Party code imporvements (r21187 - r21189)
 +  * Add book about using the dipping with fountains (r21190)
 +==== February 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​367/​|Patch #367 Cracked potion]] Add cracked generic potion, and corresponding glass rubble (r21109)
 +=== CRE ===
 +  * Now able to display background music information for maps (r21106)
 +  * Now able to display total number of maps (r21108)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Fix --debug-gui to properly show GUI elements in dialogs (r21093)
 +  * Make sounds work again (r21096)
 +  * Add support for mp3 sounds (r21098)
 +  * Play background music with lower volume (r21111)
 +  * Add some background music files (r21113)
 +  * Add scripts for building a Docker based build environment (r21121)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * New map, Bank of Wolfsburg (wolfsburg/​shops/​bank-wolfsburg) in Wolfsburg. World map (world/​world_128_109) update for the bank map (r21090)
 +  * New map, Port Joseph Bank (port_joseph/​town/​bank) in Port Joseph. World map (world/​world_101_114) update for the bank map (r21091)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Refactor cult-switching - takes more time and effort for the player to switch cults when they are higher level and/or if switching to enemy cult (r21102)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​363/​|Patch #363 Mining Skill (Pt. 1 Live off the Land Update)]] (r21110)
 +==== January 2020 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Minor pixel clean up and color tweaks to east west river bridge (river/​bridge_37.base.111.png) ​
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Snapshot release - Improvements for scripting
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Barracks (scorn/​houses/​barracks) to add more visual space on the map perimeter, and changed the floor from dirt to cobblestone. Update Scorn world map (world/​world_105_115) for entrance coordinate changes to Barracks.
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Mess Hall (scorn/​houses/​messhall) to add more visual space on the map perimeter, and changed the floor from dirt to cobblestone. Update Scorn world map (world/​world_105_115) for entrance coordinate changes to Mess Hall.
 +  * New map, Lake Country Bank (lake_country/​shops/​lc-bank) in Lake Country. World map (world/​world_109_126) for the bank map. 
 ===== 2019 ===== ===== 2019 =====
 +==== December 2019 ====
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Release of v 1.74.0 (r21057)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Fix incorrect exit coordinates on Alfalfa'​s House ground level (r21042)
 +  * Added kite shield to Museum of Arms (navar_city/​magara/​houses/​museum) map in Navar. Requires archetype update r21039 or newer (r21054)
 +  * Add more farmland outside Scorn, add more farmland in the style of a manor outside Scorn (r21071)
 +  * New map, Serf's Housein Scorn County (r21073)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​869/​|Bug #869 Default language in gtkv2 client always defaults to French]] Correctly find default language for new players (r21059)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​868/​|Bug #868 "​quit"​ should not delete a character]] Rename '​quit'​ command to '​delete'​. Make it harder to delete a character by renaming '​quit'​ to '​delete'​. New players have been known to accidentally delete their character despite the warning. (r21060)
 +  * Stop warning about magic items without inventory, some magical items like horn bases are not associated with a spell (r21061)
 +  * Always check weight in check_spell_knockback(),​ Since we check for nonzero weight in check_spell_knockback() anyway, do the check there and don't warn about it being nonzero (r21062)
 +  * Update item name when applying item. Applying an item identifies its enchantment,​ which changes the base name. Send the client a name update. (r21063)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​804/​|Bug #804 Container weight not updated on client when item is consume]] Send weight update after object_decrease_nrof(),​ This fixes bugs/804, where eating food out of a container in the player'​s inventory doesn'​t update the displayed container weight (r21067)
 +  * Add formulas for casting and melting rings and amulets (r21070)
 +  * Add citylife to scorncounty (r21072)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​861/​ |#861 Horn of Sirens appearing as random loot]] Players in possession of a Horn of Sirens now only have horns. Fix by adding the artifact back, but setting the chance to 0. (r21078)
 +==== November 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add missing newline to end of spell_sparkshower (r21030)
 +  * Add kite shield as a shield archetype (r21039)
 +  * Add kite shield to random treasure (r21040)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Refactor save_object() (r21031)
 +    * Split save_object() into a version that only stores the object string in a StringBuffer. This allows future code that stores objects in places other than map files.
 +  *  Use pkg-config to find Python (r21033)
 +    * This sets the stage to switch to Python 3, retiring our CF_CHECK_PYTHON ​
 +  * Fix build with Python 3.6 (r21034)
 +  * Add warning about failing to initialize curl (r21035)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​861/​|Bug 861: External Horn of Sirens appearing as random loot ]]Fix horn of Sirens as a random loot (r21038)
 +  * Add an artifact specific to new kite shield archetype -- kite shield of Flight (r21041)
 +==== October 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Merge spell lore or summary text with some modifications from Spell_shuffle branch (r21028)
 +    * No spell schools, level, or other modifiers imported with this update
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Make scripted commands work again (r21027)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * CRE now uses C++11 for compilation (r21019)
 +  * CRE now correctly display report footer (r21022)
 +  * Tooltips and help updates in CRE (r21024)
 +==== September 2019 ====
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Level 4 (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.4) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. (r21006)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Level 3 (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.3) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. (r21007)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Entrance (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.1) for nicer merging between spiked walls and castle walls. No functional changes. ​ (r21008)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Tower of the Necromancer,​ Dungeon (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​tower.b1) for nicer merging between spiked walls and rough walls. No functional changes. (r21010)
 +  * Fill up the rest of the empty map space with blocked tiles in Cave (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​cave.b2),​ adjust rough walls for nicer merging with nearby walls. No functional changes. (r21012)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to adjust rough walls for nicer merging with each other in Cave (pup_land/​ancient/​mountain/​cave.b1). No functional changes. (r21013)
 +  * Cosmetic changes between spiked walls and normal walls in Kurte'​s Shop (pup_land/​ancient/​kurte/​shop) for nicer merging. No functional changes. (r21015)
 +  * Cosmetic changes to remove blocked tiles and replace them with solid cave wall segments, other changes for nicer cave wall merging in Path (pup_land/​ancient/​ruin/​path). No functional changes. (r21016)
 +  * New random food shop map, Wolfsburg Provisions (wolfsburg/​shops/​wolfsburg_provisions) in Wolfsburg (world/​world_128_109) (r21018)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Fixed a crash at login issue (r21017)
 +==== August 2019 ====
 +Commit number 21000!
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Add white and black leather cloaks as archetypes so that they can be created via formulae (r20943)
 +  * New archetype, sea_route (20965)
 +      * Sea routes are indistinguishable from normal sea tiles, except for the arch name
 +      * This helps automated travel objects (i.e., ships) distinguish between sea routes and plain old sea tiles
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Avoid unnecessary calls to draw_lists(),​ this speeds up inventory redraw when picking up and dropping many items (r20926)
 +  * Improvements for inventory display and handling (r20971 - r20976, r20980)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Minor cosmetic change to a cave wall section for nicer merging in Snake Pit, Level 5 (lake_country/​snake_pit/​snakepit_5) in Lake Country. No functional changes. (r20923)
 +  * Deposit boxes added to numerous world bank maps such as Brest, Darcap, Dragon Islan, City de Clouds, Navar, Lone Town, Nurnberg and Santo Dominion (r10951)
 +  * The Scorn General Store now sells writing pens and blank books for the literacy skill (r20955)
 +  * Code changes so the travel cart outside of Scorn can travel more quickly (r20961)
 +  * Smooth road between Scorn and Navar, the cart can now travel both ways between Scorn and Navar (r20961)
 +  * The travel cart will now always print/​display a message when stopping (r10962)
 +  * The travel cart now costs 100 platinum (r20963)
 +    * Look for the payment altar outside of Eastern Gate of Scorn
 +    * This allows multiple players to use or operate the cart at one time
 +  * Smooth out the road between Scorn and Lake Country (r20966)
 +  * Smooth out the road between Scorn and Darcap (r20967)
 +  * Update Undead Training center (r20968)
 +    * Make exit from training center return to the original map, instead of teleporting back to Lake Country
 +    * Straighten the roads out a bit
 +  * Add roads in Fishing Village (world_123_123) (r20981)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * Improvements for socket buffer handling to prevent corrupt data being sent to the client, which can cause login issues for the player (r20928) ​
 +  * Add login message for new characters with accounts in the server logs (r20935)
 +  * Make objects in icecubes decay slower (r20939)
 +    * This make it possible to "​freeze"​ items such as Demon Ichor or Ghost Ecoplasm in ice cubes to make them last slightly longer
 +  * Stop destroying items based only on die roll (r20942)
 +    * Always look at the material type and resistances. Previously, immune objects could still be destroyed by attacks; for example, ice storm could cause an ice cube to unfreeze
 +  * Add artifacts and formulae for black/white leather cloaks (r20945)
 +  * Improve handling of formula check to handle cauldron and tool differences (r20946)
 +      * The server is able to handle two of the same recipes and produce different results based on what crafting table or cauldron the player is using
 +  * Changes with food calculations(r20956)
 +    * Dragons players are now subject to cursed food effects ​
 +  * Slow players down if they eat too much (r20984)
 +    * Players who consume food that would go over the max 999, will now have short (about 1minute) movement and combat penalty - watch for the message "​Eating the food ration makes you very full. You feel yourself moving much slower."​
 +    * When the affect is over - watch for the messages "You feel like you're moving faster."​ and "You feel your digestion slowing down."
 +  * Clarify stat change messages from effects like character death or depletion attacks or restored from Potions of Life or consuming a stat potion (r20985)
 +      * "Oh no! You are weakened!"​ -> "You feel drained of strength."​
 +      * "​You'​re feeling clumsy!"​ -> "You feel drained of agility."​
 +      * "Your health deteriorates!"​ -> "You feel drained of health."​
 +      * "You suddenly begin to lose your memory!"​ -> "You feel drained of wisdom."​
 +      * "Your face gets distorted!"​ -> "You feel drained of charisma." ​
 +      * "Watch out, your mind is going!"​ ->"​You feel drained of intelligence."​
 +      * "Your spirit feels drained!"​ -> "You feel drained of power."​
 +      * "You feel your memory return."​ -> "You feel your intelligence return."​
 +      * "You feel your spirits return."​ -> "You feel your power return."​
 +      * "You lose some of your memory!"​ -> "You feel foolish!"​
 +  * Correctly calculate player speed and reduce command response latency (r20991 - r20993)
 +      * Reduces amount of time the game takes to process player issued commands
 +==== July 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Part of [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​360/​|Patch #360]], this reduces the base price of balms so that the price of balms of first aid can be reduced (r20905)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Change key handling to reduce lag after holding down a key (r20918)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Merge in patches [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​358/​|358]] and [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​359/​|359]] to change pricing of items for sale in Temple of Healing (navar_city/​misc/​templeofhealing) in Navar (r20919)
 +=== Server ===
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​patches/​360/​|Patch #360 Reduce cost of balm of first aid]] Reduces the cost of balm of first aid (r20906)
 +==== June 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Reduce color count and image file size of fishing pole (skills/​Skill_Tools/​fishing_pole.base.111.png) by changing from RGB image to Indexed image (r20822)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  * Make sure that disabled GUI elements actually ignore mouse clicks and key presses (r20830)
 +  * Fix --debug-protocol command line option to reliably log all messages (r20834)
 +  * Add "​color-disabled"​ to "​textbutton"​ in skin files (r20836)
 +  * Properly update combobox contents (r20837)
 +  * Suppress unneeded combobox updates ​ (r20838)
 +  * Prevent scrolling in comboboxes (r20839)
 +  * Add tooltips to comboboxes (r20840)
 +  * Order items in comboboxes ​ (r20841)
 +  * Add support for sending '​createplayer'​ commands with attributes (r20844)
 +  * Extend the "​Connecting to server..."​ phase until all requested information has been received from the server (r20848)
 +  * Add support for hiding comboboxes (r20850)
 +  * Add NewCharModel for storing options for character creation (r20851)
 +  * In create character dialog: Disable '​Create'​ button if no character name has been entered (r20852)
 +  * Support "​loginmethod 2": Allow the player to select options during character creation ​ (r20859)
 +  * Query metaserver immediately after program start (r20864)
 +  * Fix login issue with metalforge (r20866)
 +  * Fix display corruption when using magic map while fog-of-war is visible (r20877)
 +  * Properly update minimap after magic map (r20881)
 +  * Center book popup (r20882)
 +  * Make map square above player clickable for lookat (r20883)
 +  * Break long lines in meta server tooltips (r20884)
 +  * Resize close buttons on dialogs to match the height of the dialog title (r20886)
 +  * Add help icons to some dialogs (r20890)
 +  * Make applied/​worn items in inventory more visible (r20893)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic changes to Brest CVT (brest/​shops/​brest.cvt) to add more visual space on the map perimeter. Update Brest world map (world/​world_107_123) for entrance coordinate changes to Brest CVT (r20903)
 +==== May 2019 ====
 +=== Archetypes ===
 +  * Modify fishing pole graphic (skills/​Skill_Tools/​fishing_pole.base.111.png) to clean up and remove pixelation (r20816)
 +=== GTKv2 Client ===
 +  * Use one window for metaserver and login dialogs (r20766)
 +    * Each of the metaserver and login dialogs used to be in a separate window that was raised and lowered in sequence. Now, all the pre-game dialogs are in one window that is not replaced until play starts.
 +  * Trim trailing whitespace from spell descriptions (r20767)
 +  * Add latency profiling command-line option (r20786)
 +  * Rename '​--time-redraw'​ to '​--profile-redraw'​ (r20786)
 +  * Restore option to allow connecting to a server directly when launching the client, i.e., --server <​server_name or IP address> (r20789)
 +=== JX Client ===
 +  *  Slight layout changes: Move buttons in main screen to right side and use consistent border gaps in dialogs. (r20774)
 +  * Support color '​RED'​ in skin definitions (r20778)
 +  * Change layout of book popup dialog to allow for more text (r20780)
 +  * Use bold font in dialogs to emphasize important parts (r20781)
 +  * Use bold font in buttons (r20782)
 +  * Move the scrollbar in the message dialog to the right side (r20783)
 +  * Do not crash when using '​vertical'​ skin command outside dialogs (r20792)
 +  * Reliably raise dialogs after mouse clicks ​ (r20804)
 +=== Maps ===
 +  * Cosmetic change to Yarid'​s House, Downstairs (scorn/​houses/​wizz.lev1) in Scorn for nicer wall merging around one of the doorways. No functional changes. (r20806)
 +  * Add conversion computations,​ and a description of existing coins to bank teller dialogue (r20807)
 +  * [[https://​​p/​crossfire/​bugs/​852/​|#​852 Stack of rings of Occidental mages all gain same effect on applying it]] Correctly split rings of Occidental Mages if needed before applying an effect (r20809)
 ==== April 2019 ==== ==== April 2019 ====
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