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Random Map Styles

Some comments are necessary on the various styles.

A style is always a crossfire map, like any other crossfire map. However, they are treated differently. So some care is required for what goes into the styles directories.

Following is the contents of maps/styles


“Decor” are objects which are primarily for atmosphere. Decor is presently placed randomly in the map. Live objects should NOT be placed in decor styles. Examples of decor include pentagrams on the floor, braziers, bushes, craters, trees. Decor objects are not usually placed on top of other objects except floors.


Doors are needed in the game. The doorstyles are split into subdirectories: hdoors/*, vdoors/*, and 2 other directories which are not used.


The hdoors are doors with horizontal faces, vdoors are vertical. For each file in vdoors there should be an identically named file in hdoors.


Exits are how you get from random map to random map, or back out of random maps, or into a quest level. “down” exits are exits which look “down”, like holes in the floor, stairs down, etc. Up exits are analogous. For every “up” style there should be a corresponding “down” style. The generic exits don't need counterparts. Which set the random map generator picks depends on the orientation of the map: see random-maps.


Styles of floors. Right now, one floor is chosen from one style, and that is the floor for the whole map. If you want to specify a specific floor, make a style with only that floor in it and tell the random map generator floorstyle <your_style>


This is a special map used by the specials code. When placing random fountains into maps, an object is picked from this map, and made to look like a fountain. Most of them are potions, but some of them are traps. Some potions are good, others bad. They're mostly beneficial at this instant.


Only subdirectories are allowed in this directory. Each subdirectory must contain one or more files of the form filename_# where # is a non-negative integer. The number indicates dungeon level. The style file with a # closest to the current dungeon level is used for choosing the monsters.


These are special maps. They are not styles, they are small maps which are included verbatim into larger maps.

Important: special maps must have a 1-square passable border around them, otherwise, they may break the map they're placed in.


Unused. Probably misc/fountains belongs in here. Oh well.


Unused. When/if someone get around to putting traps into the generator, maybe these will matter.


Styles of treasures. Treasures are picked randomly from the styles, similarly to decor. Frequency of appearance in the randomly generated map is proportional to frequency of appearance in the style map.


The different wall styles. One wall from one of these files is picked for the walls of the entire random map, similar to floors.

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