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Server redesign goals

Put down your goals here, till let's say the 15th of december :)


  • fun game!
    • coherent and content-rich world
    • no senseless hacking
    • enough sugar around quests to they are more than 'kill this guy' or 'bring me X of this thing'
    • many more things to do than 'hack the next dungeon'
    • cooperative and competitive aspects, depending on the mood of the players
    • maybe don't have the player as 'hero' but 'regular citizen'
  • stable
  • protocol compatible with clients
  • multilanguage
  • visually appealing “enough”
  • very easy to get started with
  • in-game map building (much more integrated than current map building system)
  • enable players to have a real influence on the world
  • revamp player creation mechanism
  • have an account linked to various characters?


  • compatible with Crossfire's current content (maps, archetypes, …), though some breakage is allowed if needed
  • dynamic archetype recollection - no need to restart the server
  • better handling of media updates to client
  • Better (any) sound improvement - environmental, spell effects, damage, etc
  • easy to extend (plugins, scripts), keeping compatibility with current CF's system
  • soft-coded rules - put the most things in configuration or easy to isolate/swap modules
  • add file in map distribution which says what minimal version of archetype is, and special archetype with $id$ string so server will know if requirements are met


  • crossplatform
  • unit tests
  • avoid lock ups (massive spells and such)
  • Keep multithreading programming mind (does not mean it should be multithreaded, but design it so that could be done later)
  • documentation (design stuff, things like 'how is a class prevented to use weapons: through the use of a force' etc.)
  • modular code, to easily expand/change stuff
  • build system that doesn't require a lot of manual tweaking


This will be written after the 15th of december, when we'll have goals decided :)

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