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The Big 2.0

NOTE: When adding a link to a item, please make sure that it is on the general todo also

This is a list for tracking features that may be added for the 2.0 release of crossfire. Feel free to revise it if your a developer.

  • Some format to put this in would be nice (have to be able to track item states)
  • Ubuntu had similar lists on their wiki, may want to find one of them…

Item: the name of the feature (link to an other page here if needed)

Description: a basic description of the feature

Areas: (in general section) parts of crossfire that are affected by the item

Developer: A list of developers currently working on this feature

Priority: (not necessary the order everything is worked on :-/)

Required - Needed for the 2.0 release
High - Highly desired by several developers for the 2.0 release
Medium - Should probably have, but may be scrapped
Low - Would be nice to have in the 2.0 release, but not necessarily needed.


Completed - Feature has been committed to SVN, and has been tested
Committed - Feature has been committed to SVN, but could use more testing
Patch Available - A patch is available on the tracker (please link to the patch)
Active - Feature is currently being worked on
Inactive - No work or discussion is taking place for this feature
Planning - The feature, and its details are being actively planed/debated
Deferred - The feature will not be completed for the 2.0 release
MIA - Lots of talk, possibly some code, but no clue where it is.

Feel free to add more states to the priority and status lists.


Changes that effect several parts of Crossfire

Item Description Affected Developer Priority Status
Revamp Lighting Colored lighting, etc Client, Server, Maps, Arches None Low Inactive
Fix Sound Fix/redo sound Client, Server, Maps, Arches None Low In progress
Ambient Music Looping background music Client, Server, Maps None Low In progress
New S>C Map protocol New, more flexible method of sending map information to client Client, Server Mwedel High Commited
Character Creation New Character creation mechanisms Client, Server, Maps, Arches None? High Planning
Game Balance Take care of known game balance issues. Client, Server, Maps, Arches Mwedel High Partly done


Changes to be made to the client.

Item Description Developer Priority Status
Improve Client UI Enhancements to the UI, to make it more user friendly None High Planning
Stabilize gtk2 client Set up proper for the client compilation and detection of correct gtk version. Test the client and make it stable None Medium Planning
Improve gtk client Add custom images and decoration, improve command binding menu to make it user friendly and reduce keyboard use to the minimum. None Medium Planning


Changes to be made to the server.

Item Description Developer Priority Status
Land Plots Allow Players to purchase and build on plots of land Rednaxela Low Semi-Active
Cleanup Find/Remove unused code, and possibly restructure parts of the codebase None High MIA
Fix Weather Fix the weather system None Low Active (completed by removal)
Better NPCs Smarter NPCs None Low Inactive
Change Password Command Allow players to change their password (easy but not implimented) Ryo High Committed


Changes to be made to maps

Item Description Developer Priority Status
Kandora Fix and take maps out of /unlinked/kandora SilverNexus Low Active
Map Cleanup Clean up the maps None Medium MIA?
Bigworldify Pupland Move pupland on to the world maps lalo Low Active
Auction House/command? A place to auction items None Low Planning/MIA
Time of day based events Mapmakers can restrict action based on time tchize Low Active
Forgotten Town Finish building a complete set of quests for Forgotten Town, then relink SilverNexus Low Active


Item Description Developer Priority Status
Archetype Cleanup Remove obsolete params, etc Techolous/Others Low MIA/Active
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