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Gnarg Father of Goblins, Lord Troll, Master of Poisons, Patron of Assassins, The Unclean One


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Name of the enemy god: Mostrai
Races: Goblins , Giants , Trolls
Enemy races: Faeries , Dwarves

Attack Types: Poison
Resistances: Poison +100 1)
Vulnerable: Magic -20
Attuned: Missiles, Wounding
Repelled: Protection, Turning
Denied: n/a
Special: n/a

Player Information

See also : The old Guide Gnarg entry.

General Gaming Experience

Evaluative Criticism

Gnarg is definitely a god for warrior-priests, suiting low-levels for granting smallpox and poison resist.
At higher levels, the magic -20 might hurt, but due to poison fog and the disease
Gnarg remains a good choice for a whole player's life.

Additional Comments


Worshiping Gnarg


Granted Spells

  • Poison Fog (low level)
  • Cause Smallpox (medium level)
  • Cause Rabies (high level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Damnation
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +12
  • Restore Grace
  • Restore Hitpoints
  • Cure Confusion

Holy Relics

Gnarg's Orc Helmet

low level, rare

Gnarg's Orc Helmet (Dex+1)(ac+3)(item_power +2)(Spell regen penalty 1)(armour +20)(resist poison +30).
The item has a story:
This helmet good protection. From mighty Gnarg it is.
Bracers of Gnarg

medium level, rare

Bracers of of strength of Wargs (Str +2)(armour +20)(resist cold +20)(dam +15)(regeneration +1)
The item has a story:
An exceptional pair of bracers. Not only do they provide the wearer with protection from cold,
they also increase the wearer's damage and strength, and help heal the body from damage.
A mighty gift from Gnarg sent to aid you in annihilating His enemies.


Holy Servant


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 500, wc -3, dam 50, ac -5, armour 40, speed 0.25; Attacktypes: Poison, Physical; Resists: Poison +100, Magic -10

Gaming Tips

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1) become_follower() in server/gods.c limits resistances to poison attacks given to players at the value of 30
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