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Item Type and Attributes Guide

Some doccumentation on attributes of items, and their effects.

Generic Attributes

Attributes that work on all objects, unless otherwise specified.

Player Weildable

Objects that players can weild.

(3) Rods

(15) Weapons

(16) Armour

Connected Types

Items that use the “connected” attribute to trigger/be triggered by other objects.

(17) Pedestal

(18) Connected Altar

(26) Timed Gate

(27) Trigger

(29) Magic Ear

(42) Creator


Can be used to destroy items if the multiply factor is set to 0.

(74) Skill Tool

Allows use of a skill. (like pens)

Misc. Types

Types that don't fit in any other catagory.

Building Stuff

Building Material


When applied, if an item is setup for it and marked, it will be replaced.

The marked item must have “slaying” set in the format of “slayer:[yield ]new_item[;slayer:[yield ]new_item]*”. Where “slayer” is the archetype of the transformer object, “[yield]” is the amount produced, and “new_item” is the archytype of the result. This pattren can be repeated an arbritary amount of times using “;” as a seperator. (“[]“s identify optional parts)

attribute use
food number of uses it is good for
slaying a verb, “transformerobject (VERBS) markedobject”

(1) Player

A actual player. DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. (can cause crashes, etc)

(2) Transport

The new transports that players can pilot.

(22) Map (obsolete?)

A literal map (the type players move around on). Obsolete i think. I DO NOT RECOMEND TOUCHING THIS.

(37) Class (modifer)

Modifies the statistics of a player.

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