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Item Enchantments

Some items will have numerical values such as +1, +2, +3, etc. trailing their names. These magic values indicate that the item is enchanted, and in some way may be better or (if the value is negative) worse than ordinary run of the day items of its kind. Characters can only use a weapon that has 5 + 1 enchantments for every 5 levels of physique experience possessed. So, a character with 10th level in the physique experience category may only be able to use a weapon with a maximum of 7 enchantments.

Enchanting armour

Enchantment of armour is achieved with the enchant armour scrolls. Each time a scroll is successfully applied, the item will have an additional +1 to magic. This adds more physical resistance or armour and ac to the piece of equipment whilst adding a fractional amount to its weight.

A maximum of up to 1 + (overall level/10) (rounded down like an integer) in pluses to any one piece of armour may be added. The value of armour added to the item is also dependent on the characters overall level. Armour may never be enchanted to have an armour rating greater the character applying the enchant overall level or 99, which ever is smaller.

Enchanting weapons

Weapon enchanting is accomplished with a series of scrolls that can be found or bought from shops. The procedure is done in two steps.

  1. Use the prepare weapon scroll to lay a magic matrix on your weapon.
  2. Use any of the other scrolls to add specific enchantments. Some of these enchant weapon scrolls will also require a “sacrifice” to be made when they are read. Sacrifices are made by standing over the items to be sacrificed whilst reading the weapon enchant scroll.

Scrolls for weapon enchantment are:

Prepare weapon

Diamonds are required for the sacrifice. The item can be enchanted the square root of the number of diamonds sacrificed. Thus, if 100 diamonds are sacrificed, the weapon can have 10 other enchant scrolls read.

Improve damage

There is no sacrifice. Each scroll read will increase the damage by 5 points, and the weight by 5 kilograms.

Lower (Improve) Weight

There is no sacrifice. Each scroll read will reduce the weight by 20%. The minimum weight a weapon can have is 1 gram.

Enchant weapon

This does not require any sacrifices, and increases the magic by 1.

Improve Stat (ie, Strength, Dexterity, etc)

The sacrifice is the potion potion of charisma potion of constitution potion of dexterity potion of intelligence potion of power potion of strength potion of wisdom of the same type as the ability to be increased (ie, Improve Strength requires strength potions). The number of potions needed is the sum of all the abilities the weapon presently gives multiplied by 2. The ability will then be increased by 1 point. Thus, if a sword is Int +2 and Str +2, then 8 potions would be needed to raise any stat by one point. But if the sword was Int +2, Str +2, and Wis -2, then only 4 potions. A minimum of 2 potions will be needed.

Adding a God's enchanted blessing to a weapon

Gods (whom acknowledge weapons) will sometimes add their blessing to a weapon . Gods will only bless weapons that don't already have a title of Something. They will not change or add a slaying to a weapon that already has a form of slaying (e.g. a Sting). A weapon, that already has some slaying, will receive the other weapon's attributes though, as Devourers gives depletion, drain and life stealing for example. Note furthermore, there will be no blessings to items like of Ilrya and these like; these never will become of Kraghi of God. Also there will never be some sort of armour blessings.
Each god has a preference for the use of weapons which translates to the maximum + enchantment they will offer:

  • enchant_weapon_low = weapon bonus +3 is max
  • enchant_weapon_medium = weapon bonus +7 is max
  • enchant_weapon_high = weapon bonus +12 is max

Each god will offer weapon slaying for the weapon against its enemies. E.g. Mostrai will offer goblin and giant slaying.

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