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This is a scratchpad or whiteboard for capturing ideas quickly without constraining the input by formatting, eloquence, or quality. It is best to keep entries here terse and to the point. If they merit greater attention and detail, they should be moved to a new location. If after review, the ideas seem hard to limit in scope or impractical, they should either be deleted or moved to other wiki locations. Scratchpad content deemed not compatible with the client namespace premise described in the introduction, but worthy of retention could be relocated to other wiki namespaces like: [client], [content], [dev], [dev_todo], and [ideas].

Organization of the scratchpad is expected to be somewhat dynamic and spotty, but do try to aggregate similar things together.


In-game Command Help

  • The server is missing help texts for various commands.
    • get
    • give
    • hostile
    • take
    • search
    • ready_skill Committed English help in r19157 – SilverNexus
    • resistances
    • use_skill Committed English help in r19157 – SilverNexus
    • communication commands (emotes).
    • directional commands (east, north, northeast, northwest, south, southeast, southwest, west).
  • Review the entire command list to identify the rest of the missing help texts.
  • Implement texts in both english and french.
  • Add new translations of help texts.
  • Add give to command help.


Realistic NetHack Dungeon Generator

Contact: Kevin Zheng (Partmedia on IRC)

While most of the world exists in predefined maps, Crossfire implements a random map generator. Among those is a rogue-like generator in the style of NetHack. This has the potential to give players a never-ending adventure, but suffers from several issues in its current implementation. For one, the layout bears almost no resemblance to the actual game.

The goal behind this project is to port NetHack's random level generator(s) to Crossfire. When the port is complete, the cave entrance to the Dungeons of Doom can be added to the world map for all to enjoy.

Open Tasks

Task Status Contact Description
Check license compatibility NetHack is released under a custom license that may or may not be compatible with the GPLv2.
Crossfire porting Started Kevin Zheng The NetHack sources of interest are src/rect.c and src/mklev.c.
Create Mazes of Menace Use the ported random level generator to create corresponding Crossfire maps
Link to world map Maybe add the small town and tavern the NetHack guide book speaks of
Add quest Learn about the entrance at the library, then go off on a quest to find where it is

Saru's Endless pile of potentially impossible ideas that might get considered one day

Server Side

  • If successful, remove the accessibility of immunity items for these attack_types

new additions to existing skills

  • repair acid damaged items

hybrid items

  • Swords that are also rods, so you can cast spells directly from them
  • shields that also enable casting protective spells

On attack abilities

  • add the chance to trigger spells using melee skills, such as %10 chance to cast cause leprosy on stricking a monster

Client Side

Generally refering to jxclient

  • Make more actions/events interrupt when a different command is sent (e.g. if you hold down search, this will get interrupted by use_item healing potion)
  • Split talk window into automated messages like combat log and messages like chat and say.
  • Implement tab completion
  • Implement command aliases
  • Provide SP_REGEN and HP_REGEN stats in the stats area of the client perhaps as hp: XX (+1)
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