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Attack Types

Attacks are made using specific attack types that define what the effect of an attack is:

Direct Damage

The following attack types have direct damage properties which removes a targets hp to the value of the damage dealt from a successful attack (after resistances are factored in):

Indirect Damage & Effects

Indirect damage functions in a similar manner to direct damage, except it changes attributes of the defender (and attacker) other than hp to the advantage of the attacker. The following attack_types have indirect damage properties:

  • Confusion: Scrambles movement and spells
  • Drain: experience is directly siphoned and given to source
  • Poison: Creates a damage over time (DoT) effect that causes poison type direct damage
  • Slow: Slows movement speed and attack speed
  • Paralyze: Prevents all actions
  • Turn_Undead: Turns undead
  • Fear: Forces flight response in a direction away from source
  • Cancellation: Cancels magic
  • Depletion: Stat points are temporarily reduced
  • Death: causes death
  • Counterspell: Counters spells
  • Blind: Field of vision removed
  • Life Stealing: a portion (0.3%) of damage dealt is given back to the source
  • Disease: Damage from diseases
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