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Growing up in the howling wilderness, you’ve had no chance to pursue anything remotely intellectual, let alone learn your letters! It’s amazing you ever thought of leaving your hovel and going somewhere else, you’re so ignorant. But now you have. You find that you’re a lot tougher and stronger than these cityfolk, and you know how to get around in rough terrain. You’ve learned archery in order to fill your cookpot, and weaponry is second nature to anyone who’s had to fight with the local orc-tribe over food once a month. You’re deeply afraid of magic, and it’ll be awhile before you get over that and develop any facility with it. You’ve no deep problem with the idea of gods, but you don’t know much about them.

The barbarian is selectable by players as their class. It has the following modifications to stat distribution:

Stat Modifications

Str Dex Con Int Wis Pow Cha Net +/- 1)
+3 +2 +3 -6 -1 -1 -2 0

Stat Maximums

Class selection does not affect stat maximums


  • None


Starting Equipment

  • Barbarian's starting equipment

See Also

  • None
1) Charisma not included in Net calculation.
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