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CF2 Races

Races primary set the max stat value and adds some intrinsic skills like levitation, clawing, flame touch, …

Issue: maximum stat value

The maximum (magic improved) hard limit of stats is 30.

Why should an elf or gnome be able to get the same con value as a dragon?

For example, the maximum natural con value for an elf is 18 and for a dragon 26. With weared items giving a sum of +12 con the elf would reach 30, same for the dragon.


The hard limit needs to be replaced. Instead of a hard cap of 30, the limit should be +50% of the current value.

For example an elf with a con value of 10 won't get a higher con value than 15 and with maxed out con of 18, the magic improved con will be 27.


In CF1 the stats values have greater effect the higher the value is. This needs to be a linear function.

Issue: stat potions

It's easy to give a character with xp 0 a perfect body by drinking a lot of stat potions. This spoils the fun to form a character if a high level character gives away lot of stat potions.


A stat only increases by reaching a new level. Which stat will be random as long as you didn't used a stat potion. If you've drunk a stat potion, the last quaffed stat potion will overwrite the random selection.

An additional effect of the stat potion should be, that this stat will increase by 1 as long as you don't drink another one. Than the old effect vanishes and the new one will take effect.

For example: str 16, con 15, now you drink a strength stat potion, you will get str 17. After that, you drink a constitution stat potion, your str will drop back to 16 and your con rises to 16. Another con stat potion will have no effect, your con stays at 16. Now you reach a new overall level and your con will be permanent set to 16.

Issue: balancing race advantages / disadvantages

Each race should be more or less equal. Some races may be harder to play on lower levels, but should get bonus on higher levels as a compensation for the challenging beginning.

The discussion was about fireborns, but all other races needs to be checked as well. Removing 2 con and giving 2 int isn't the same, so the “netto skill change” of 0 is somewhat misleading.


Levitation isn't that useful and nothing special - everybody is able to levitate by spell or items if not already an intrinsic leviation is available. Flame touch does only fire damage, so no chance to break doors or walls or usable against fire immune creatures. The dragon clawing also do physical damage, too. That's much better. And besides that, everybody is able to use weapons doing fire damage and much more. Every body slot missing needs some real compensation. Being unable to use weapons is a real disadvantage, because all those weapon improvement - either selfmade, god given or just by the weapon - aren't available. What's the bonus for that for a fireborn?

The +2 magic is easily surpassed for example with a Chaos cloak (+5 magic).

Adding one or more fireborn body parts (e.g. fireborn tentacles) to allow items only usable by fireborns could compensate the missing body parts.

FIXME other races

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