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The idea is to add new method for login and character creation. This would be done by client side logic.

brief outline

  • Player is present with a small login window, and in that window is a button for new character (if player enters incorrect name/password, would say try again or say create a new character)
  • For new character creation, client would present a nice interface to the player, letting them choose race,class, and stats from pulldown menus and spinbuttons.
  • Client would use a requestinfo to get the race and class information.
  • Instead of rolled up stats, players would have a set number of points to spend on there stats (settable in the config file)
  • Player selects their stats, race, class, starting location, name, etc, and hits 'done' or the like.
  • Client sends this info to server, and server validates it is then correct (client should never send wrong data, but someone using a hacked client shouldn't be able to generated bad characters)
  • As part of this, the different classes would need to become archetypes, so server can know what they are.
  • Down the road, an advanced creation method could be used where player doesn't choose a class, but rather what skills they want (and maybe get a small pile of gold). That should wait for any skill changes to be made.


technical suggested layout

Datas that should be needed by client, coming from server (feel free to update)

  • List of basic informations
    • How much stat point to distribute
    • eventually how much credit point to distribute in packs
    • Base Max and Min of each stat
    • eventually how much stat point at max you can spend, for each stat (could prevent unbalanced/unplayable characters)
    • eventually how much additional credit you can get from not spending a stat point (0 for no convertion possible)
  • List of classes (aka professions). For each character class:
    • name
    • description
    • picture
    • Minimum required in each stat to have that class (this minimum is 'class modifiers included')
    • Modifier in each stat this class provides -2 -1 0 +1 +2, etc
    • Modifier to max level each stat can be (example a warrior has wisdom toped at 18 while wizard has toped 25)
    • eventually credit this class cost (if you make some class more powerfull, you should make them cost more credit, perhaps soe much credits one has to not spend some stat point to get enough credit)
    • Eventually One or several avaiable 'starter pack' specific to this class (list of server configured item/bonus you get with your new character)
      • Example 1: “The wood hunter pack”: “You start with boots made for the wood+a shortbow+a skill related to forest survival”
      • Example 2: “The merchant pack”: “You start with a shor dagger+a cloak+skill in bargaining”
  • List of races. For each race datas to send are same a for classes. Making it somehow generic, it should be possible to extend server to choose a third or fourth category too at creation (ex: choose an home land, choose a specialization, etc) without touching a single line of code in client.

Datas client should send back

  • name
  • new password
  • title
  • How much was spent on each stat
  • For each list (classes/race/…)
    • which item was choosen
    • list of packs choosen
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