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Fixing the weather

:!: Fixed by total removal on 1st of February 2008, the day the version 1.11.0 had been released.

See the announcement for 1.11.0 : Fri Feb 1 01:45:44 CST 2008
See the discussion mail message : Fri Feb 1 14:16:27 CST 2008
So the weather is still available for version 1.11.0 of Crossfire . If you never visually encountered weather while running that or earlier versions of the server , make sure, that the dynamiclevel is set to greater than 1 in the etc/settings file.

A wiki-page for about and how to is still available : weather .

Last but not Least :

The weather code had been implemented somewhere since SVN revisions r1475 and r1494
by 'garbled' around New Year 2001/2002 .
A larger commit for the weather had been committed by him as r1874 in Dec. 2002 .
r2046 in Feb. 2003 placed the call to the function feather_map from dynamiclevel 2 into dynamiclevel 4
for the version 1.5 release.
The major change by him was to replace the call to feather_map by some 'jitter' in r2238 July 2003;
which then could have practically disabled the special dynamiclevel 4 :?: .

Current issues:

  • Bugs such as disappearing floors
  • Too much granularity
  • Requires the world to be rectangular without missing maps, which is a problem for pupland.

Features and Ideas

  • Hooks in scripts (like the get_time, script should be able to use get_weather(object/map) to get temperature, humidity, etc). Imagine a powerfull sword that does not work below 5 Celcius :)
  • Weather dependent objects
    • Stuff that freezes and melts
      • Could make entrance into some maps interesting
      • Could possibly use same concept for dried out rivers and flaming pits (or something similar)
  • Instead of replacing objects, create various states that they may assume (regular, wet, snow, dry, etc)
    • leaves overlays to dms
    • allows for more objects to be affected by the weather

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