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Revamp Lighting

Possible Ideas

  • colored lighting (use hue/saturation for color info, 5 bits for hue, 3 for saturation)
  • more lighting levels (4 to 12)
  • light levels should be calculated/stored on a per map basis, not per player.
  • Add ambient light level map attributed.
  • Change darkness map header to light threshold - if light below that level, space can not be seen.
  • Add partial darkness, so jungle may not completely block sight, but make it harder to see beyond it. In a sense, they decrease light level/visibility more than 1/space.
  • send client location of light source (negative values indicate space partially blocks light)
  • ability to only light one direction
  • Monsters that hate/are hurt by light
  • hooks for scripts
  • Lighting shouldn't go through walls (the wall itself would have to illuminated however)
    • Illuminated walls should only appear illuminated to those on the illuminated side.
  • Make elevation affect LOS - if you're on the tallest mountain, should be able to see things around, etc.
    • If we do this, shouldn't we make elevation for all objects, used to make slight adjustments to the lighting projected by the object (from top view, if a light source is higher elevated, though the lighting pattern on the ground would be dimmer, it would fade as it moved sideways slower)

More information

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