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From TODO list: - Improve material code:

1) Make material file more readable.  Mostly, make it one entry per
   line (no comma seperated lists), with values 0 by default, so only
   values that are different need to be entered.  Maybe make materials
   archtypes, and then use treasurelist type setup below?
2) Remove random material selection from the material file and put it
   elsewhere - basically, more fined grained material control (silver daggers,
   but not silver axes for example).  Perhaps the idea of material
   type treasurelists?
3) Remove material bitmask.  Instead, have a pointer to the actual materialtype
   struct, and determine basis on that (eg, this could burn up, etc).  If
   necessary, add some appropiates field to the material struct that
   denote those abilities.
4) Suffix to be used for alternative image names and animation sequence
   for objects (eg, for example)
5) Some way to denote that even though 'materialname' is set, that the loader
   should still do appropriate adjustements for the material.  Thus, if a
   person sets the material in the editor, the server will adjust the values
6) Allow for multiple materials in same object.  Trickier to do this.
7) More hints for materials.  Eg, is it a notable material that should be
   included in the object name, or mundane?  Likewise, is it a type of material
   that can be reconstituted (metals) or not (wood, stone, etc)
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