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The current code organization for the server is a bit of a mish mash.

Code in the common directory should just be for the common aspects, but there is code in that directory that seems more in place in the server.

The current fix_object() code makes some assumption that all objects behave in a similar fashion, so it then makes sense that all objects that behave similarly have the same type.

Other changes to make:

  • Different log instances and levels should be added (monster.error,, etc), with selection of which to use via command line or settings. log4c may be the best to use for this (
    • One note, is it doesn't look like log4c builds on win32 as is.
    • Or perhaps we should create our own simple solution that is similar in nature.
  • all draw_info need to be changed to draw_ext_info done
  • safe string functions should be used except in rare cases
  • memory allocation returned values should be checked for NULL. Create a cfmalloc function?
  • static buffers should be removed - almost done
  • put all map→player changes in remove_ob / insert_ob_in_map so it handles all cases, remove other changes sprinkled in the code
  • add client sending of add/remove in inventory in remove_ob / insert_ob_in_ob so checks everywhere can be removed

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