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Download and Launching JXClient on Linux Variants

This page is a HOWTO for downloading and launching the JXClient on Linux variants for use with the Crossfire.

FIXME - Screenshots are in process

Download JXClient

1. Launch a web browser and visit the JX Client web page and download the .jar file from one of the listed mirrors

2. When prompted on saving or opening the jxclient.jar file, click on the Save File button

3. Wait for the download to finish

Launching the Client

1. Launch or open a terminal window

2. Inside the terminal, change (cd) to the directory where the jxclient.jar has been saved to (by default, this is the Downloads folder)

cd Downloads/

3. You now need to change file permissions in order to make the file executable with the following command

chmod +x jxclient.jar

4. While still in the terminal window, you can now launch the client with the following command

java -jar jxclient.jar

5. Once the client launches, you will see the server selection screen (aka Metaserver) - select the server you want to connect to

Visit the JX Client page for more launch options and features, such as directly connecting to a server and what layout resolution the client should use.

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