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JXClient, the Java client for Crossfire, requires Java version 8 or later to run.

The sources are part of the Crossfire SVN repository, in the jxclient directory

To compile it, you need the associated JDK.

JXClient uses Gradle as build mechanism.

Under Linux

The recommended way to build is to use the Docker file provided.

Fist you need to setup the build environment: from the root of the sources,


will install, in Docker, all required dependencies.

Then to build, still from the sources root:


will open the Docker prompt, into which you can use


to build the sources.

If you wish to compile outside Docker, you can use the


wrapper to build directly, after installing the required dependencies on your system.

Under Windows

Gradle should work like for Linux.

A pre-built installer, embedding the JRE and everything needed, is built daily at

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