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Based on a Cut/paste from IRC, quoted from lauwenmark

What is Fido ? More exactly, you should say: “Who is Fido ?”. Fido is a small blue drake, which was the Messenger of the Gods™.

Where is Fido born ? Fido appeared and lived in the Plane of MiDS, which disappeared during the Great Shattering.

What happened to Fido ?

One fateful day, an Evil Serpent came to plunge the world into Endless Darkness. After a long and difficult fight, Fido Tamed It™, but he gave his mortal life in the process. Now, the Serpent is closely bound by Magical Ropes that plug deep inside its body, and its strength is used by the Gods themselves.

The spirit of Fido is still well alive. And One Day, Fido Will Come Back™ - that's the Prophecy he made.

What were the Crusaders of Fido™ ? Those used to be a military order devoted to the Holy Message™ of Fido, but it has disbanded after the Great Shatter that destroyed the MiDS's Dimension, and the death of its High Priestess 444719.

Are there any Holy Relics of Fido™ remaining ? There are very few stuff remaining: a True Picture of Fido™, a screenshot taken during the Golden Days; a Holy Symbol of Fido Girl™, that was worn on the crusaders armours - or t-shirts when it was hot :); and some Holy Messages™ Fido delivered to us when he was still alive.

True Picture of Fido™
True Picture of Fido

Why are some of the words here capitalized and followed by ™ ? Because those are Sacred Words of Fido™, and that's How They Need To Be Written™.

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