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Here is the Lore found in Navar's Very Tall Tower: You open the A testament to Sarnach and start reading. Such a great being was he. Gave of his time. Gave of his meager wage. Gave of his magic. Such a gentle being was he. Raised his hand against nothing. Raised his voice against nothing Raised his magic against none. Such a wise being was he. To all whom asked wisdom spoken. To all whom strived magic dispensed. To all whom needed guidance given. Such a murdered being is he Taken to darkness in sleep never to wake. Murdered cowardly in the slumber. A roll of the dice and the fool taketh his life, and his corpse. To the alter his physical being strives. To the alter where the physical must to dust turn so the spirit may be free.

There was a wizard. He had an apprentice. What is said are lies. There are no good wizards. No good apprentice of magic ever existed. It was not murder but justice. He who hast slain the apprentice did good. He who hast slain the slayer must be delt justice.

It is said that the wizard created the tower. The wizard only created death… but not even. Death was purchased by the wizard and from the bones of hundreds were set bricks known as enchanted bricks; set for the tower; set for the wizard to reach the heavens. But the wizard knew nothing.

The wizard oversaw the rise of the tower through the clouds. The wizard oversaw the deaths of many. The wizard's powers did not come from what is good, or even said to be good. The tower was built to avoid a pact which every wizard has made. There is no good magic. It is of the black arts.

To think he could save his own soul the wizard imprisoned the souls of all who came upon a town. Scorn took it's name not from itself; it was named by others. Through drink he deluded them, through tricks beguiled them, and thus enslaved them to his master; the master of all who practice that which does not come from above… thus they came here to Navar and raised his tower to the heavens.

The wizard grew old… he was promised eternal life. He took on a student and taught him while the tower rose to heights. Tricks of deception the student came to know. Hidden identities he was able to conjure seemingly by thought alone. He was anyone he wished to be; evil or good as the people saw illusions; king, pesant, or even Skud from the grave. The student learned well.

And the souls trapped mounted. They forever in torment acted as commanded.

Death upon death grew to be the knowledge of the tower. The student learned. The great wizard died. But he was not great. And came the second wizard. Navar was but an infant.

The apprentice was a master of manipulation and disguise. He completed the tower after two thousand dead one decade since the death of the first. He was the second. He is still. Scorn fell into dispair, Navar grew.

When the tower was completed there were no heavens to be found. Only clouds. The wizard knew nothing. The apprentice was the second wizard. He did not die. The second wizard grew herb and sustained for decades, then centuries, then longer. The herb was not of this world, it was of fire… for the wizard was useful, moreso than the last.

The old empire was no more. Chaos reigned as ceasar. The second wizard nearly perished and the bricks of the bones of the dead almost crumbled in rejoice. The second wizard, the student of once a time, concocted an amulet. The amulet protected him in his many deceptions. The second wizard persisted.

A fright came upon the second wizard and upon a storm a city was born. More were trapped by it's wealth. New bricks were lain. White bricks of men.

The tower was unseen for a century. A deception upon an abomination was committed. The wizard was powerful. The first wizard was not great. The second was in league. There are no good wizards. Navar was no longer a child.

Then the mists cleared.

Navar saw the tower and was in awe. Navar had forgotten it's name. Navar forgot the tower. A do-gooder appeared. His name was like a snake that set forth to snatch souls. He was the wizard; He was a trick.

You wonder if this might not be easier with a collegue…

Only one in Navar saw the deception.

The wizard in his cloaked form was slain. He did not die. His body did not rot. Many mourned the death of the do-gooder they thought to have had in their midsts and lost. The soul of the wizard was imprisoned in the deception and the body stashed away so none could release it. But that has ended and a most terrible crime has been commited. The bricks cry, their essence attack. The second wizard is not dead… His city is not destroyed… Nor the tower. The abomination.

From above you hear thunderous rumbilings of beasts angry. You are reminded of captive, caged animals urning to escape…

A disenchantment spell lingers Especially potent here…

The wizard had vast riches. Riches picked off the bones of captive souls.

He is still here. The second wizard is not dead.

A great air potency drifts down the stairway upon you… you feel not at ease…

Perhaps now the bones of the bricks of the tower to the sky shall rest. Perhaps some are nolonger captive. Perhaps not.

You fall asleep…

You awake

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