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On the whereabouts of Asteroid and Frost Nova

As told by the Elven race

As told by the race of Man


The members of the Guild of the Damned Heretics in Wolfsburg believe that this is a faery tale of unscrupulous adults to travel around telling old grandmas and little children “döntjes” for making a living.

A Quest for finding a spellbook of Comet comes nearest … Rumors claim those to be found in Lake Country .

As told by followers of Gorokh

Foolish mortals managed to close the infernal gates to the realm of Lord Gorokh with the help of these powerful cold spells . Lord Gorokh sent four assassins to kill all who knew the spells, eradicate them from the upper world and retrieve the knowledge. These four assassins did so and kept the spells safe in Lord Gorokh's treasure room for untold millennia. One sly follower of Valriel managed to use underhanded and sneak-thief tactics to steal one of the spells from Lord Gorokh. The brave assassins of Lord Gorokh caught the thief in the act and nearly killed him. Unfortunately the cowardly Valriel follower called out to Valriel in time to be spirited away. Of course Lord Gorokh plans revenge …

As told by followers of Valriel

At one time both spells were protected by Gorokh for some evil and nefarious reasons, no doubt. Gorokh had stolen the spells from the realm of men and elves to keep them safe. Because Gorokh and his minions loathe these powerful cold spells. Valriel sent a brave warrior (now known as the Ascended Vicar of Valriel ) to retrieve the spells. The hardy warrior managed to retrieve the lesser one of the spells before being nearly killed. Valriel summoned him away and healed him to guard his treasure along with four other powerful and brave guardians.

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