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The blood of the vampire

The main idea being this quest is to have player find a way to locate and get access to the mansion of a very powerfull vampire in the center of bigworld. Informations about this vampire are spread at various place in the world. The player may need to fight some other vampire to get information and maybe usefull items in his quest. When the user finally reaches the blood vampire, he can come with 2 purposes

  • either as a “friend”, that means he has done all the quests as a sort of proof of valor for the vampire, and want to become a servant of the vampire. 40+ level should be enough to become a blood bond
  • either he came to kill the vampire. The more player online are servant of the vampire, the more difficult it will be to kill it (see below). You should be high level to kill it! (90+ i guess, depends on how many blood bonds there are)


The quest will be located at various places in the bigworld. The blood vampire has a strong influence in an unexplored part of bigworld. He has various NPCs servant you will need to get items from in order to get access to the vampire mansion. The quest should be build in such a way that, after killing the vampire, you will need to kill again all his NPCs servants to get back to the mansion. Also, the vampire regenerates slowly, it can take days before the map resets. Some subquests should be only faisable during night (and make then use of time based quests). Example, the path the the lair of the Gurthel, the vampire servant, could be only visible at night, when it's full moon :)

  • A nice spot for the vampire mansion could be at 114×112 map, around 2×47
  • There is a crypt access in the mountains, (114×111, 47×44)
  • There is a small village near the 3 sisters valley that could serve as reference point for lores (world 115_110)


As a servant

Short lists of what you get as a servant

  1. The spell of blood bond. This spell is to cast on another player so that players share temporarily a common pool of life points. When player life goes below 0, it propagates it's points to the caster and survives. This is to be seen as a healing spell where the caster uses his life to heal other peoples on demand. (Paladins should probably be repelled from that spell!). This spell is given “learned”. That mean no book is to ever be created with that spell. People knowing that spell could probably write it on scroll for others and sell that scrolls.
  2. You are now linked to a creature of the night. As a result, your regneration is higher at night, and lower at days.
  3. Access to some parts of vampire mansion (like somehow a guild). This could be used to close doors and access to other players trying to kill vampire. This should be done in such a way that it's compatible with Non-PVP servers. It also contains a short library.
  4. You are blood bond to the vampire. That means the vampire can use your life points for his survival, and he won't hesitate to do so. When the vampire is under a deadly attack, his life points ad mana points will be restored to max and a random online servant player will be killed instantly. The vampire will not kill you twice between map resets.

As a killer

Items you get as a killer

  1. The “cape of the blood vampire”, a powerfull rare item. Rumour as it that whoever wear it at night can fly and gain life from killing monsters.
  2. Access to the vampire treasure room (classical)
  3. Access to the vampire library and research stories about the first vampire.
  4. XP (of course :p)
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