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Skill One Handed Weapons

This skill enables the usage of smaller sized hand held weapons from daggers to swords.
When such a small weapon is applied, then an additional shield can be wielded to increase the protection against physical attack.

See also the Two Handed Weapon skill.

Use Skill

Player attacks himself … :Ooops:

Syntax: use_skill one handed weapon

Example in- and output:

use_skill one handed weapon
You slit open karl.

Ready Skill

Sets the range attack into the foreground.

Syntax: ready_skill one handed weapon

But when firing, the player attacks himself, if no enemy available on the spot fired to … :Oops:

Example in- and output:

ready_skill one handed weapon
You can no longer use the skill: inscription.
Readied skill: one handed weapons.
fire west
karl slits open you.
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