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User may select an object from his character's inventory using the mark command. The object may be either a single item or a stack of multiple items. After marking the object, the user may throw the object in some direction by exercising the throwing skill with either the use_skill throwing or fire commands. When using the fire command, the player must have previously readied the throwing skill with the ready_skill throwing command. Each time the skill is exercised, one currently marked object is thrown.

  • The distance that thrown items travel depends upon both the weight of the object and upon the character's strength.
  • If something is killed after having been hit by a thrown object, the character earns throwing skill experience.
  • When the character inventory contains only locked items, the message You have nothing to throw. is displayed in the client.
  • Various items behave with special effects when thrown.
    • Dusts - FIXME
    • Other? - FIXME
    • Potions? - FIXME
  • Important: When the marked item is exhausted from the character inventory, any other unlocked item from inventory will be automatically marked.

FIXME - Document how items are selected for throwing when the marked item is exhausted. Brief testing was inconclusive.

Use Skill

  • An object from the character inventory is thrown immediately.
  • Inventory items are thrown in the direction that the character is facing.
  • Behavior is similar to the invoke command for spells.

Ready Skill

  • The throwing skill is selected and one currently marked item is thrown each time the player uses the fire command.
  • Thrown items travel in the direction specified by the fire command.
  • Behavior is similar to the cast command for spells.
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