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Players should be able to buy sell and trade ownership of publicly viewable, visitable permanent houses.

Things to do:

1. Script for selling, buying trading and auctioning.
Script should be probably hooked to NPC in each cities Court House, town Hall whatsoever.
Its being worked on by kshinji .

2. Paying rents
- the institution to pay them should be bank account hooked either to player, or something else.
As a side note: banks could certainly store smaller amounts of money than 1 imperial, and there should not be any 5% fee,
which discourages from using banks. Maybe some monthly charge instead.

3. House laws management, it should be discussed.
My personal view - basic system allow owner to set who is able to open which doors, and more complex features should be slowly introduced.
The laws to each doors should be two integers.
First determines “pass” second “ownership”.
Owner of the doors can set pass level for other players, but not higher than his owners level.
After he does so, awarded player gets something like “pass <doors> <passlevel> from <orderlevel>”
where orderlevel is ownership level of whom allowed him.
Such order can be overridden only by someone with higher ownership for these doors.
Real owner of the house can override any orders and has infinite pass level.

There should be possibilities to make doors lists, players groups and such stuff,
to make it easier to manage guildhouses and other big stuff etc.

4. Doors.
Doors can be open, free or closed.
Opened doors remain opened, free doors should automatically open
when someone gets near, and closed doors should remain closed even then.

Doors should also have key 'passlevel'.
Free doors should not open before someone of not high enough passlevel.

Doors should also have key 'orderlevel' here,
like in law management, doors 'status'/'pass' pair cannot be overridden
by someone of lower ownership to the doors than orderlevel.


For those who think i should practice my social skills,
cause all the above is hardly understandable, some examples:

Frank bought a house with frontdoors. He wants to have some friends live with him in the house, thus he adds them to the list of house members. He sets their ownership to frontdoors to 0 and their passlevel to them to 1 or 2 for better friend.

Frank organizes party for best friends. He sets frontdoors status to free, and passlevel to 2.

Frank buys a guild. Guild has got lots of doors, so he makes a scheme. Scheme for initiating includes all the doors of level one of the guild a ownership 0 passlevel 1. The scheme for member includes all the doors in basement, all the initiate doors and some doors at first floor as well, all with ownership 0 and passlevel 2. He sets some people to members, and some newbies to initiates.

Frank's guild has grown very big, and he decided that someone else must maintain adding new members as initiate. He sets a scheme “Sargent” with ownership to all newbie doors, and ability to add members. He applies this scheme to Joe, who is already member. Now Joe has got two schemes, and he has passlevel 2 to most guild doors, and ownership 1 to the initiate area.


One can allow someone into some areas if he himself can pass inside, however he cant set him ownership, so i don't think any additional way to handle members adding is needed.

See Also

Deliantra has a rent scheme to rent apartments : Deliantra

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