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Raphaël's TODO list

Work in progress

  • Finish my map checking script.
    • This script reads all maps and automatically detects some errors such as unreachable maps, blocked exits, special keys without corresponding doors or doors without keys, altars or detectors requiring an object that does not exist, etc.
    • It also checks for errors in the treasures, artifacts and formulae files, such as requiring a non-existing archetype.
    • As a side effect, the script builds a list of all objects that can be generated in the game and their relative abundance in the maps.
  • Finish my alchemy quest maps
    • These maps encourage the player to build up their alchemy skills (alchemy, smithery, bowyer, etc.)
    • Instead of requiring the player to kill some monsters, most quests require the player to bring back a number of specific items. Many of the required items have to be created by the player from other ingredients. Some random maps are provided in order to help the player to find these items (these maps contain some monsters, of course - getting the required ingredients should not always be too easy).
    • The reward for most quests is a new formula (not found in random books).

Future work (maybe far future)

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