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Techolous's TODO list

This is techolous's todo list

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The List


  • Take care of obsolete “color_fg” and “color_bg” fields in arches
    • Monochrome bitmaps have not been used in crossfire for a long time
    • Change “color_fg” to “magicmap” where applicable done :) — Ryo Saeba 2008/11/10 10:39
    • Remove “color_bg” from all arches done too :)
  • Figure out how the F*** you use the quest system
    • looks like it may end up geting reworked
  • Work on the Beginer's Atlas page
  • Finish mapping projects
  • Find old projects to add to todo list


Stuff that I may do in the future, unless someone else does it.

  • Help convert maps to use quest system
  • Connected objects, triggered based on time of day
    • Put something together for map entrances too?
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