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The Kingdom of Scorn

Nestled snugly in a sheltered bay at the west of the Imperial Highway, Scorn is a safe and welcoming place for those who pass by. Once a great military force whose power affected the entire world, its influence has since waned, the castle in the centre of town now serving a mostly ceremonial purpose. Nonetheless by virtue of its position on the Imperial highway the city has maintained its importance as a stopping off point for travellers between the other major cities and it is an attractive location for trade and commerce in its own right. This combined with the sheltered harbour and key shipping lines, ensures that Scorn remains a key crossroads bustling with activity, long after its former military dominence has diminished.


Scorn is a great starting map for newer players and/or charaters, and even mid level characters. In the southern section, there are several maps suitable for lower level players, such as the Beginners Areas 1 and 2. In the south eastern corner there is a tower with progressivley harder monsters, good for leveling ones weapons skills, and even spells that affect an medium area.

Scorn also has maps for characters up to levels 20, mainly the Old city quest, which involves exploring extensive areas of underground Scorn and the Aminal Quarentine which introduces characters to many medium level monsters. Also, in the docks to the north, there is transportation to Pupland, an ancient lost island, whose quests all interconnect into larger ones.

Also for very high level characters, there is a quest to gain kingmanship of scorn, but it is very difficult, and will take a while to complete. A level 10 character should be able to complete the first 2 to 3 quests, but may need to level past 20 to finish it.

In the countryside surrounding Scorn, there are also a large number of maps hidden in the hills that give the player a chance to explore, but to still stay in Scorn.


435EK: The colony of Skorn was founded by Skud the Great, when his expedition reached the shores of the continent. It is said that he first pitched his tent on the site where the inn now stands.

1064-1135EK: The war against the Dragons. Scorn is destroyed. Most of its inhabitants flee to the south. After 1115EK, the city is progressively rebuilt on top of the now buried ruins nowadays known as the Old City.

1177EK: War of the Sea Princes. The last imperial ship reaches Scorn. Contacts with Khelens are now broken. Scorn becomes an independent kingdom.

Places in Scorn

Streets of Scorn

Scorn Port

Scorn County

The area surrounding the city.


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