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OSX GTKV2 Client


There are two ways to install the Crossfire clients, one is Fink which is a project that ports Unix software to Mac OS X. The other option is to compile Crossfire via source code.


Ok there are a few ways to get the crossfire client to work on OSX.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Download the installer disk image:
  2. Double-click the .dmg to mount the disk image
  3. Double-click the “Fink Installer.pkg” package inside. Follow the instructions on screen.
  4. Open a new window and run the following: fink scanpackages; fink index
  5. Once that is finished, install any updates available for Fink. In the same window enter the following: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install fink
    1. Another option for updating: fink selfupdate;fink update-all

Note: Leopard Users will need to compile from source as there is binary release available

There is a version of the the cfclient on fink but it is version 1.7 which does not have the bells and whistles that are included in 1.10 besides why run 1.7 when you can just run 1.10.

Experimental Package

Once the client has been successfully installed, there is a .dmg file available for download that will let you run any of the three clients (crossfire-client-x11, crossfire-client-gtk and crossfire-client-gtk2)

Installation instructions:

  1. Wait for the file to download and follow the screen prompts
  2. Accept the prompts about installing the package
  3. In a new window, click on the client you wish to run
    1. For crossfire-client-x11 client: cfclient
    2. For crossfire-client-gtk: gcfclient
    3. For crossfire-client-gtk2: gcfclient2

Note: With the GTKv2 client, after first launching click on the green “+” which will then let you resize the client window.

Note: The binary files where compiled on Os X 10.5, I don't know as of now if they will work on past versions.

Compile via Source Code

Compiling from source code requires some additional files to be downloaded.

  1. You should have Subversion installed by default. You can check with this command in a window: svn –help
  2. Run Subversion to download the latest snapshot of the client source code.
  3. You will need libpng to compile the client
    1. Double click the .dmg package and follow the on screen prompts and instructions
  4. Change directories to client.svn and run the following commands:
    1. export CFLAGS=“-ggdb -g -O0”; ./ –prefix=${HOME}
    2. sh
    3. make
    4. sudo make install
  5. You can now run the clients via the command crossfire-client-gtk2, crossfire-client-gtk, or crossfire-client-x11
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