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This is a scratchpad or whiteboard for capturing ideas quickly without constraining the input by formatting, eloquence, or quality. It is best to keep entries here terse and to the point. If they merit greater attention and detail, they should be moved to a new location. If after review, the ideas seem hard to limit in scope or impractical, they should either be deleted or moved to other wiki locations. Scratchpad content deemed not compatible with the content namespace premise described in the introduction, but worthy of retention could be relocated to other wiki namespaces like: [ideas], [dev], and [dev_todo].

Organization of the scratchpad is expected to be somewhat dynamic and spotty, but do try to aggregate similar things together.


Nicolas: AnMaster: as for story ideas, have 2 people argue whether the beer in Navar is better than the beer in Darcap,
have the player fetch 2 of each for the towns, and give a reward

meflin: could be beer from specific brewerys :)
Nicolas: have the beer be hard to find
meflin: not enough low level quests anyway
Nicolas: need ingredients
Nicolas: RARE ingredients
Nicolas: have Farnass do the cooking
Nicolas: and some fun animations

Details on the Scorn destruction that essentially created the oldcity when the town was rebuilt on top of it:

We stood in the night, and could only watch in horror as the town burned to the ground.
The dragons soared above, adding flame and stone to the already raging inferno, laughing that they had tricked Enteranni.
Enteranni the Red, or rather Enteranni the Fool, as he ought to have been called, had betrayed the
entire town, if by miscalculation, but betray he had nevertheless.

Soon there was nought left but smoldering rubble, half crushed by boulders the size of men.
Most of the survivors fled into the swamps to escape the carnage, but how long we can survive in the desolate wilderness remains unknown.
Plans for a rebuilt Scorn seem far from completion.



* How hard would it be to make a light animation for the lighthouses? Could be very cool!


* Serpents are two cells long, but has only East/West facings so it is limited going into North/South passageways. Seems like it should not be too hard to draw a couple more facings. You can hide from the serpents by simply standing back in a passageway, and that doesn't make sense as a serpent should not be so constrained.



  • The lighthouse in Scorn needs converting to the new lighthouse arch, but closer in theme to scorn (dark stone, wooden roof?)
  • A jeweler store. Several towns have a jeweler theme but have a “general store” arch. Come on!


  • Ruby slippers of word of recall




Where can we effectively use underused, or unused, arches:

  • Manhole cover?
  • wip Spout
  • Ships? Are they under-utilized?

Something is Better than Nothing

  • “Fishing” feature. At least make one pond in/near Scorn where it is used! It is not restricted to fishing. You can do “work” to get some inventory out of some static item like water, a tree, etc.



  • A dimension door training map.
  • A map to teach how diseases work (especially how they can cross areas that do not allow spells, projectiles, or characters).
  • Trash disposal receptacle to destroy unwanted items in an “eco-friendly way”?
  • Ziggaraut/Step Pyramid and corresponding internal map layout for some tall dungeons? Start big, get smaller as go higher? Convert some existing vs. make new?


Port Joseph

  • Observation: Very under-utilized but very accessible to new players. Move some hard to find content here?


Moogly Bill
  • This is a fun quest that links regions subtly (tomasso connection in Scorn for example). Great example to keep in mind.
  • Ghast area: Acid and XP draining; skull; make this very dangerous, but PJ is probably for low level chars. Add in map information to help newbie out a tad?



  • Mad Mage needs more in game info. Only after many years did I finally figure out what he does.
  • Mork's tower 2nd level has an inaccessible room with mobs and magic items that glow on “Detect Magic” etc… Use that room somehow! Invisible wall to allow mice to slip through unexpectedly? Value as in-game training?


  • Mountains to west are annoying and limit development of the area.
  • Make a lakeshore environment next to the port area and improve access to west side of town.
  • Those ships are cool. The shallow water is not!


  • Add a few more simple reward quests - convert existing puzzles to give a reasonably nice item for a new player without creating an exploit.
  • Gork/Mork may need more obvious hints to presence of a quest? Probably not?
  • Make Alfalfa's House a quest.
    • Requires a player to get articles of clothing for Alfalfa.
      • There is a shirt able to be found in town. It could be the required item.
      • If arches do not exist for pants or skirt, they could be made and used here.
      • High-heels could be a bizarre weapon.
      • Ruby slippers.
    • The key to the house is given only upon completion of the quest.
    • The house's hidden content is the prize.
  • Make quest maps easier to find. First quest. Mushroom quest. After many years have never gotten the dragon lord quest!
  • Mushroom quest is very dangerous due to poison. Disclose to player somehow?
  • Make mushroom quest accessible by water!
  • Paths (rough, not road-like) to locations. Eg. Mushroom quest… very hard to find in bigworld. Easy to confuse Goblin Chief quest cave with much harder cave (swap locations?)
  • Advertise more widely via NPC dialogs (quest keyword?).
  • Convert other mini-quest/puzzles to royalty (half-step?) quests as a way of walking newbies through a series of reasonable level maps in sequence? That room is huge.
  • Are the food rooms supposed to stay accessible to you once you advance in rank? They do now, but this seems like a change. File a bug report? Is a good thing?




  • It is too easy to buy every spell immediately upon leveling a magic skill.
    • Make the books more expensive or find some other creative requirement/ingredient/process to activate a book to spread out acquisition of spells.
    • Reading a whole stack of books and “memorizing” them all in a game instant is a bit much.
      • Implement some constraints that limit this.
      • It takes n days (game/real days?) from time of reading a spell book to being able to use the spell.
      • Only one can be memorized at a time.
  • Perceive Self is too wimpy. Add capability of reporting an illness.


  • Skill scroll cost. Higher to slow down acquisition at low level. May accentuate low-level money woes, but still seems the right thing to do to stretch enjoyment.
  • Is the apartment extender overpriced? Could a slight redesign stagger cost. Impacts existing players. Workaround/compromise ideas?


  • meflin seems to have good ideas… run with them by sheer sake of his loyalty to the game…
  • A cheaper, very weak rod (and limited availability) to introduce new players to them without reducing their value later. Practical/Impractical?


In-Game Training


  • Show Invisible (Red Town tower, Lone Town invisible stairs) value for solving maps seems hard to figure out for new players.
  • Disarm? Went years without knowing what it did and why to use it.


  • Introduce new characters to techniques like:
  • * bowmode.


  • Introduce new characters to skills like:

Have skill quests to get new skills rather than scrolls

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