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God intervention uses a treasure list to specify the different possible outcomes. In particular, invisible books are used for many things. The list's order is meaningful, since it's possible to put grace limits (minimum grace the player should have) for interventions to take place. If any effect is successfully applied (for instance if for healing if the player isn't at maximum hp), processing stops. {FIXME} describe how to code those effects Here is the list of possible effects. Unless noted otherwise, the item should be an invisible BOOK, the effect is based on the name (pretty self-descriptive).

Object name Effect
grace limit player must have at least grace gr points, max and current, for the list to continue to be processed.
give object {FIXME} check how tr→name can be not NULL?
restore grace sets the player's grace to 0-9 when it's negative.
restore hitpoints restores a player's maxhp.
restore spellpoints restores some of the players's sp {FIXME} what about the item??
heal spell casts the spell specified in the item's slaying field on the player.
remove curse removes curse from all the player's items in inventory.
remove damnation removes damnation from all the player's items in inventory.
heal depletion removes stat depletion.
voice_behind the player hears a voice saying item's msg field.
message player hears item's msg.
enchant weapon player's weapon is enchanted to match the god's properties (name, attacktype, slaying).
spell object god gives the player the use of specified spell, provided praying level is enough for the spell.
non invisible item god-given item.
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