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Update 2010/09: trunk has different speed, so this is probably not relevant anymore. Nicolas Currently, high level players move insanely fast (1.5+). And low level players tend to move quite slowly. Both of these cause problems - high level players outrun lightning bolts, and low level players spend large amounts of time just moving slowly from point a to point b. My general thoughts: * Player speed is adjusted to go from 0.25 to 0.75. Fully loaded, player moves at 0.25. Lightly loaded, player moves at 0.75 (maybe let them carry 25% of capacity without any penalty). * Strength does not directly affect speed, but indirectly does so because you can carry more stuff. So if player is carrying same amount of weight, but has higher strength, would move faster because character is at less a total percentage of his load. * Dexterity may have some minor speed benefit (0.01/point above 10?) * Max speed of armor is a hard limit without magic, it is a hard limit - if max speed is 0.6, you can't move faster than 0.6, no matter str or dex. * magic speed bonuses will let player move faster, but should be some upper limit or stacking penalties (two 0.2 items should maybe give 0.3, not 0.4 bonus)

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