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Ambient Music

update: on april 22nd, 2007, new sound mode was added. Using the value '2' (instead of '1' to request sound) will make the server send background music information.

To complement, a new map field, 'background_music', was added. It's a free-form field.

Suggestion for music:

  • background_music style:xxx to specify a general music style, the client randomly choosing one from its defined music database
  • background_music generic:xxx to specify a particular music, for special maps and such


  • What format?
  • Send from server?
    • If midi, then possibly. Otherwise, size would make that impractical
      • midi would limit what can be done (think background “noise”, not just music)
        • Also true, if you want to use an obscure insturment
      • On some systems the midi voices can be of low quality, thus the music may not sound as good on those systems
        • However on systems, it can be of higher quality than compresed audio.
      • Stream it the first time? (would need more bandwidth on both sides)
      • Have a default set installed with the client, then allow custom sounds to be downloaded?
      • If midi is used, it adds more dependencies, but being able to get the music off of the server is highly desirable.
        • Any audio format adds a dependency on libs to read it, not just midi.
      • One could do something such as have large files on a http server, with the crossfire server just sending the url, however that also adds dependency on a http library

More information


Possibly use a field in the map header to determine if the file containing the music should be sent in the background, so it can be on the player's machine, before the client needs it? – techolous

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