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Mostrai Dwarven Diety of Metal Smithing and Warcraft, Giant Basher, Delver of Secrets


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Name of the enemy god: Gnarg
Races: Dwarf
Enemy races: Goblin, Giant

Attack Types: Weaponmagic
Resistances: Fire +20
Vulnerable: Slow -50, Confusion -10
Attuned: Creation, Transmutation
Repelled: Summoning
Denied: n/a
Special: n/a

Player Information

General Gaming Experience

Evaluative Criticism

Having the most powerful holy word & avatar
and maybe the most desirable blessing for weapons, leveling up with Mostrai seems like a cakewalk.
Even more: Fire +30 +20 ! Mostrai is probably the best choice for newbies.
But reaching higher levels, Mostrai has some drawbacks too:
Confusion -10 looks harmless, but at a certain level it starts to hurt.
Also, there are no great special-spells waiting at higher levels.

Additional Comments

No longer Paralyze -20, that was too extreme.
Resist Fire was lowered to 20 (from 30).

Worshiping Mostrai


Granted Spells

* Wall of Thorns (medium level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Damnation
  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +12

Holy Relics

Thorin's Plate Mail

low level, rare

Thorin's Plate Mail +2 (Str+1)(ac+3)(item_power +4)(Max speed 1.30)(Spell regen penalty 9)(armour +50)(resist fire +30).
The item has a story:
This shining plate mail is Mostrai's gift to the bravest of his warriors.
It is highly enchanted, increasing the strength of the wearer and protecting against fire.


Holy Servant

A Dwarf


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 350, wc -6, dam 50, ac -10, armour 75, speed 0.2; Attack Type: Weaponmagic

Gaming Tips

Mostrai is one of the easier gods to follow

  • When you first start out get the spell holy word.
  • Go to Raffle 1 on the first Pupland map.
  • Cast “holy word” on the Goblins in there until you gain a few levels.
  • Go to the second level and kill the Zombies and Skeletons with “holy word”.
  • Get to the third floor and do NOT touch the raffle ticket.
  • Move the boulder to the center of the gates.
  • Run to the end and grab the raffle ticket, then run behind the boulder.
  • Type this into the command line:

bind use_skill praying;use_skill praying;use_skill praying;use_skill praying;use_skill praying;use_skill praying;invoke holy word

  • When prompted bind it some key like “H” .
  • Go behind the boulder and hit “H” a few times.
  • You should level up fairly fast by using this method.
  • When you are a higher level get other spells like holy word.
  • At a higher level you can kill Titans, Giant Wizards, and Cyclops.
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