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 * @defgroup plugin_citylife City life plugin
 * This plugin adds random NPCs to town, and makes them enter houses, spawns new
 * ones.
 * When a map is loaded, NPCs are randomly added so they appear already. During the
 * course of the server, some will enter houses (disappear), others will exit from
 * houses (appear on a house).
 * For each map to be processed, two things are defined:
 * - spawn zones, where NPCs should be added when the map is loaded
 * - spawn points, from which to add new NPCs while the map is in memory.
 *   Should probably be houses and such.
 * NPCs use a key/value to prevent them from immediately entering the building
 * they exited.
 * @todo
 * - define spawn points/zones for other towns
 * - vary NPCs based on time of day
 * - define "objectives" to go to
 * - make NPCs pause when player talks to them
 * @{
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