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Poisoned Dagger Guild

Current Members: Leena, Grendel, Elephunk, Findufin, Bort, Hermione, Buzz, Morgon, Luzifer, MoonWhisper, USA

:!: As of February 2018, the only member of this guild, that the BOT named Seer at metalforge knows of is, MoonWhisper , who was last logged in in year 2014:

04:41 You tell Seer: last MoonWhisper
04:41 Seer tells you: MoonWhisper was here at Sat Sep 6 03:30:58 2014 GMT

All other above members are unknown to Seer .

04:42 You tell Seer: last USA
04:42 Seer tells you: I haven't seen USA
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