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'Anti-teleport tile':

1. Problem

On some maps that are around, and some i am making, player can abuse the map rules by using word of recall or making teleport. Dimension doors can be easily blocked, however one might want to have a tile through which he can cast lightning, but not DD. Banning magic in fighting dungeon, however, isn't the best possible solution.

2. Solution

Tile property no_tele, which would disable casting any teleportation spell when standing on it, but not affecting any other spell.

3. Example of problem

Gates that check if certain number of players wants to start the map:

- one can make teleport allowing additional players get inside the map

- …or out of the map

Maps that cannot be rushedback because of gates passable only once…

- …,however teleport here is enoguh for abusing the rules

Maps on which players cannot getout without complete team

- teleporting out of the map blocks other players inside


  • I've previously thought of the idea of a generic way to allow maps and/or tiles to block any specified spell(s), and I think that would be a better method than something specific to teleportation. — Alex Schultz 2006/12/16 18:51
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