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Leaf's 'Simple' Wiki Page

Place hold for things I am working on or hope to work on someday along with some misc details and information.


Since this is a common question and often mistaken assumptions are made.. What do I do with Crossfire?

  • First and foremost, Administration with the following:
    • Mailinglists
      • Crossfire Announcement list
      • Crossfire Development list
      • Crossfire SVN list
    • Wiki
      • One of the wiki Admins and server host
    • Webforum
      • Webmaster, one of the forum Admins and server host
    • Server (aka Metalforge)
      • One of the server DMs and server host
      • Server admin
      • One of the map, archetype and server update managers
      • Admin and host for server bots Scribe and Seer
    • Websites
    • Crossfire project at SourceForge
      • Assistant Admin – My role includes:
        • Setting up SVN access, and adding project members, for map development
        • Crossfire SVN mailing list administration
        • Crossfire Maps mailing list administration
        • Posting news/announcements when there is a new release available
        • Misc. duties as they come up
    • IRC channel
      • One of the channel Ops
    • Facebook page admin
    • Twitter account admin
    • Snapshot release admin for:
      • JX Client
      • Gridarta for Crossfire map editor
    • A few other things that I am probably forgetting

Areas of Map development.

  • I am focusing mostly on fixing issues and improving existing maps
  • I also review new maps that are submitted to the Maps mailing list or uploaded to SourceForge's Patch area

While I may provide feedback and comments and coding direction on actual code - I'm not a developer in that sense. I do not have the necessary coding background. I do not see that changing in the foreseeable future either. ;-P

My TODO List

In no particular order…

  • I am working on migrating and merging the branch project (/maps/branches/lalo-pupland) of Pup Land in to Big World
  • Spell Report
    • Assemble a sortable table of all existing spells in Crossfire showing the spells level, school or path, 'kind' (cone, exploding ball, bullet, etc.) and attack type (anything else?) so that developers can see where there are gaps in available spells
  • Holiday Themed Quest Maps
    • Some sort of holiday themed quest maps with a prize or reward system
  • Theme the Wiki
    • Update the dokuwiki templates to use the same theme that is already in place on the forum and crossfire website
  • Create a LiveCD for testing out the various Crossfire Clients
  • Create a single download file (CD?) for Windows users that contains Crossfire Client (& GTK) and the Server (& Python) and mapset
  • World map clean up - try and add some natural flow and consistency to the terrain of the world map
  • Necessary graphics/files so that all ground tiles support smoothing

Tutorialisland (starting map)

Starting point is at x16, y54 (far southern point of the island)

Magic mouth with introduction & instructions (movement keys, how to apply signs)

Welcome to Crossfire!
You are now in the beginner's area, which will
teach you the fundamentals of playing Crossfire,
and prepare you to survive in this vast and
sometimes dangerous world.
As you pass through this island, read all the
signs and any other information provided, and
you'll soon learn the basics of the game.
From here, move north (press your up-arrow key,
or type 'north<enter> ) and press the 'a' key to
read the next sign.  Good luck!

Sign explains how to apply objects

Congratulations! You have applied an object..
You will be applying a variety of things in the world of Crossfire.
Be it chests, levers, and equipment.
Now go to the next sign to continue the tutorial.

Sign explains how to apply a “ladder going down”

In order to enter that passage,
just 'a'pply it like usual.

Ladder (exit) takes you to tutorialhouse (Tutorial Passage)

tutorialhouse (Tutorial Passage)

Starting point is x1, y9 (west middle of the map)

Sign explains keys (nearby strange key required to unlock doors to immediate right|east.) The doors can only be opened with the strange key.

Hello, you need a key to get past these doors.
To pick the key up, press . Then simply move
in to the door to unlock it.
But beware! Some doors are trapped.

Two doorways await, one to the north (food) and one to the south (traps) (1st set of doors, of 3)

North - Sign reads:

Virtues of Food

Inside the room is another sign that reads:

In order to survive you need food.
If your food meter goes to zero you'll
start losing health.

Five food items arranged in a row with a magic mouth underneath each of them.


msg: This is your standard food. You can 'a'pply it on the floor to eat it
or you can take it with you to eat it later.


msg: There are a variety of foods. Some with more nutrition and others less.


msg: Some monsters drop body parts. You can eat those too.


msg: Waybreads are the MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)
of Crossfire.  They weigh very little but pack
a large food value.  They are much more
expensive than normal food, but when you
can afford them, they are the best food to
take on long trips or dungeon excursions,
since their light weight won't slow you down.


msg: An easy way to identify food to check if its poisonous or not
is to use the 'woodsman' skill.

South - sign reads:

The Tricks of Traps

Upon entering the room, there is a rune of marking that reads:

Stop where you are!
The yellow floors are littered with traps, enter with caution!
In order to detect them, stand by them and wait a while or use
the 'find traps' skill. If you have the 'disarm traps' skill you also
disarm them if you have located them.
Beware of chests also, for they can be trapped too.

All the traps are Runes of Mass Confusion.

Back in the hallway is another sign and an (weak) earthwall.

Sign reads:

There are walls that you can break, like these earth walls.

NOTE: Can a fireborn or character class without a weapon attack break through these walls?

Next set of doors, in a north (terrain) & south (dungeon features) arrangement (2nd of 3)

North - sign reads:

The Ways of Walking

Inside the room is various terrain (mountain, grass, water, fernssparce, forestsparce, tree)

Sign inside the door way reads:

Crossfire has a variety of terrain.
Experiment with them!

South sign reads:

Dungeon Features 101

Inside the room are various levers, buttons, a chest, door, boulder & button.

Sign Reads:

Levers and buttons are part of dungeons.
They're easy to use! Just 'a'pply them.

Sign pointing to a chest:

How to use a chest (contents - gold coins):
Just 'a'pply it and right click the item shown in the chest.
Right clicking items will either pick up or drop them, depending on where they're at.

Sign in front of doorway (southwest|lower left) corner (contents - random food):

There is no key for this door.
However bashing it open or picklocking it is a viable solution to the problem.

Handle lowers the gate at the bottom of the map

Button (when stepped on) opens a gate at the bottom of the map

Sign in front of a boulder (lowers spikes):

Players aren't heavy enough to press a large button.
But rolling boulders on top of one will activate it.

Next set of rooms (3rd of 3)

Sign to the north reads:

Regions of Religion

Sign inside the room reads:

Welcome to the Pantheon, where you get to worship a god.
In order to worship a god you need the 'prayer' skill which
can be granted by a class, a holy symbol, or a scroll of prayer.
Remember to choose your god wisely! Converting to another
god will produce BAD effects.

A generic altar is inside of this room.

Sign to the south reads:

Hall of Monsters

Sign inside the room reads:

In here you get to fight some monsters.
Don't worry about dying though, the ants are weak.
There's also a 'generator' which produces
the ants. Go to the next sign to learn how to
fight monsters.

Another sign reads:

How to fight melee - Very easy! Just move in to the monster and you'll attack it.
How to fight with a bow - Apply the bow, hold shift and press the directional arrow keys.
How to cast magic - Same as bow, use the command 'cast' then hold shift and press the directional arrow keys.

Pull a lever to open multiple gates and the ants start emerge from the ant hill generator.

Back in the Hallway

A sign reads:
Your next task is to convince
this guard to open the gate.
say hello
to him to engage
If you're feeling evil and want to attack the guard,
hold down ctrl. However he's very tough so
you might want to run away fast by holding
down ctrl too!

Last Room

A sign just inside the door reads:

Need to take a break from Crossfire and save?
Applying a bed of reality will save your character.
However DO NOT save if you have zero experience
because your character will then be deleted.

Two savebeds or “bed to reality” are located in this room.

Stuck Room

This map is hidden from normal view, a sign in the middle of the room reads:

There are many secrets in Crossfire.
Always think out of the box when you're stuck!

Ladder Up & Out

At the end of the hallway is a ladder that takes you back outside.

Follow the path on the island and you will across two structures, a cave (KoBoLd'S kAvErN) and a store (Delph's Shop)

KoBoLd'S kAvErN

A sign by the map exit/entrance reads:

You're on your own, pal.

This is a low level dungeon map and a test of what you have learned in the Tutorial Passage.

One needs to fight their way through the kobolds and locate two levers to open two separate gates. Thorough players will also find an additional key to unlock a final door. Otherwise, the door can be smashed down (eventually..) A boss monster (Urgee the kobold champion) is guarding a treasure chest - which is the reward for the map.

Delph's Shop

There are two signs in this shop; the closest one to the map exit/entrance reads:

How to use a table of identify:

First mark an item you want to identify (by holding shift and middle clicking it)
Then drop the specified amount of coins. (10 silver coins = 1 gold coin if you want to use silver)

The second sign reads:

In the world of Crossfire, items are unknown to you.
Some are even cursed! In the event of equipping a cursed item,
use a scroll of 'remove curse'.
Some items are magical, using the spell 'detect magic' will help you find one.
But beware, it also detects cursed items too!

The map is a basic shop filled with random items.

There is a scroll of Detect Magic - which is available to you for free. There's also an altar Detect Magic for 10gp, altar of Detect Curse for 25gp and a table of Identify for 20gp.

Inside the shop area (Note: no mention on to use the $ mats to enter and leave the shop) there is a sign that reads:

Buying items from a shop is very easy!
Just pick up the item you want, then walk out of the store.
You'll automatically pay for it, that is, if you have enough money.

Note: no mention or info on how to sell items.

Delph, the shop NPC, has some information to share if you talk with him.

At the far northern end of the island, is a ship that when applied, will take you back to the Nexus map.


Players enter the map at x11, y1.

Magic Mouth says:

Welcome to Crossfire!
You are now in the beginner's area, which will
teach you the fundamentals of playing Crossfire,
and prepare you to survive in this vast and
sometimes dangerous world.
As you pass through these halls, read all the
signs and any other information provided, and
you'll soon learn the basics of the game.
From here, move south (press your down-arrow key,
or type 'south<enter> ) and press the 'a' key to
read the next sign.  Good luck!

A sign also reads or shows the same message.

Two steps to the south is another sign, which reads:

=== Commands ===
There are many commands you can use to
do everything from movement to attacking
to casting spells to identifying treasure.  Any
command in Crossfire can be executed by
typing ' (a single quote) followed by the
So to move southeast, for example, you could type
'southeast.  To read this sign, you could type
'apply sign.  These "long-form" commands are
always available for everything you can do in
the game.
However, it would be cumbersome to type
commands like that for common actions, so
many commands are bound to keys by default.
This varies from client to client, but you will
probably find that the movement commands
are bound to the arrow keys on your keypad,
for example.  There are many other default
keybindings, and you can create your own for
any action or series of actions that you use
regularly.  See the documentation for your
Crossfire client for more information on

Two more steps to the south is another sign, which reads:

=== Movement ===
You can move in any of eight directions: north,
south, east, west, and the four in between.
Pressing a movement key once (or executing a
movement command) will move you one tile
in that direction.  If something is in the way, you
may attack it.
To run in a direction, which is very useful when
fighting, battering down doors, or traveling long
distances, hold down the Ctrl key and press
and hold the key for direction you wish to run.
Now run to the end of this hallway, and read
the sign there.

Three steps to the east, a magic mouth tells you:

A sign on the wall says:  Slow Down!!

Five steps to the east, a sign reads:

=== Information ===
There are many sources of information other
than signs like this one.  Did you see the sign
on the wall as you were running here?
Sometimes information comes from non-visible
sources like that, so always keep your eyes
open and don't miss anything that shows up
in your Messages area.
Information also comes from books, notes, and
many other sources.  The smallest note can be
the first clue to a large treasure or heroic quest,
so always gather as much information as possible.
Some notes and books you will be able to pick
up and take with you, while others will be
fixed where they are, but they all may be
important to read.

Two steps to the north, a magic mouth says:

A sign on the wall says:
Here is a note you can pick up and take with
you.  (You may have already picked it up
automatically if your client is set to do that.  If
so, find it in your inventory and read it by
middle-clicking or whatever action your client
uses to apply inventory items.)  You may wish
to read it first (press 'a'), and then pick it up
(press the comma key or type 'take).  Now it
will be in your inventory, so you can read it
anytime you need to.

The note on the floor reads:

The exit password is "orc-knuckle"!  (Save this note; you'll need it much later, after you meet Harold.)

Two steps to the west is another sign that reads:

=== Talking to People ===
You can also get information from non-player
characters (NPCs) in the game by talking to them.
To talk to the man at the end of this hallway
when you're finished reading this,
walk up next to him and type: 'say hello
The 'say command will let you talk to nearby
NPCs and other Crossfire players who are
on the same map as you, so it is your main
way to communicate inside the game.  (The "
(double-quote) key is often a shortcut for 'say.)
Many NPC have useful information, but they
will only tell you about it if you ask about the
right things.  Saying "hello" is a good start.
If the NPC replies, look for words in his reply
that might be important, and ask about them.
For example, if he says, "Hello, do you have
any food?" ask him about food ('say food),
and he may say something else in response to
that.  Saying words like quest, key, treasure,
and other things you're interested in may
start up very interesting conversations!
Be careful not to run into friendly NPCs; dead men tell no tales.
Now go talk to that old man.

Five steps to the west is the old man. Talking with the old man will provide some information, but ultimately you need to say the right word to open the gate.

Two steps north, you will find some food items on the ground. In the order they are encountered:


A message scrawled on the wall says:
This is a standard food.  You can apply it while
it's on the ground, the same way you apply
signs and other objects, or you can pick it up
and take it with you.


A message scrawled on the wall says:
There are many types of food you can eat.
Be careful, though: food that you find may be
poisonous, so to be safe, don't eat food until
you've identified it.  (More on identifying items

Goblin's heart

A message scrawled on the wall says:
When you kill monsters, sometimes they leave
body parts behind, and these can be taken and
eaten also.


A message scrawled on the wall says:
Waybreads are the MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)
of Crossfire.  They weigh very little but pack
a large food value.  They are much more
expensive than normal food, but when you
can afford them, they are the best food to
take on long trips or dungeon excursions,
since their light weight won't slow you down.

Two mores steps is another sign that reads:

=== Doors ===
There are many kinds of doors in Crossfire.
Some doors will open for you, so you can walk
right through.  Ordinary locked doors can be
bashed open by attacking them or using
lockpicks.  Stronger locked doors may require
a certain key, or open when you speak a magic
word or activate a certain trigger somewhere.
To get through this first door, run into it until
you break through.

Just beyond the door is another sign that reads:

By the way, it's a good idea to always check
for traps before trying to open a door.  Do
this with the command ('use_skill find traps),
which is often bound to the 'f' key.  If you
find a trap, you can try to disarm it with
('use_skill disarm traps).  You can only find
and disable traps if you have those skills.
Some doors will open when you walk up to them,
then close after a moment.  Be careful not to
get crushed by standing in the doorway
too long!

Five steps to the south is a sign that reads:

Some gates and doors are opened by levers.  Apply to lever to your south to continue.

Apply the lever and that opens a hallway heading west.

Two steps to the west is another lever; this will close the gate behind you.

One step to the west is another sign that reads:

Sometimes large buttons in the floor can
be activated by a large weight.  Run into this
boulder to push it onto the button to your
west, and see what happens.
Boulders and other "rollable" items like barrels can only be pushed, never pulled, so be careful not to push them into corners from where you won't be able
to move them to their destination.

Moving the boulder on to the button will open a gate to your south.

Two steps to the south is a sign that reads:

Cool, huh!  Buttons and other switches can be
used to do all sorts of things, sometimes on
completely different areas of a map, so if you
ever think you're stuck, look around for any
of these kinds of triggers that might open
a way out for you.

One step to the east is a sign that reads:

=== Earthwalls ===
Some walls, called "earthwalls," are soft and can be battered down and destroyed.  Run at the wall to your east until you pass through.

Destroy the earth wall and you'll find another sign that reads:

Other kinds of walls can also have weak spots.
Look for cracks in the wall, especially if you
hear voices or have reason to think there might
be secret areas nearby.
Sometimes walls are illusions that can be walked
through.  Go south from here.

Two steps to the south is a sign that reads:

=== Inventory ===
Stop and take a look at your inventory for a
moment.  If you started the game with any
armor or a hand-to-hand weapon like a
sword, you probably should ready them now.
(In most clients you do this by double-clicking.)
Don't make the mistake of many new players,
and run into your first monsters naked and
empty-handed. :-)

Two steps to the south a sign reads:

=== Fighting ===
Ready for your first fight?  On the other side
of this door are some ants.  They're mostly
harmless, so run into them as fast as you can,
until you kill them.  Be sure to kill the anthill
too, so it can't produce more ants.  Many
monsters have "generators" like this which
produce more monsters every so often.
After you kill the ants, go through the next

Inside the next room are ants and an ant generator. You will need to destroy the generator to get a special key (key of the Ant King) to unlock the next door.

A sign at the end of the hallway reads:

Did you get the key under the anthill?  If not,
go back and get it.  You will need it to get
through this door.  Keep in mind that keys
are often hidden under other objects like that.

Two steps to the north (past the locked door) is a sign that reads:

How did you do?  Watch your hit points (HP)
closely during battle.  If they get too low, you
can always retreat and come back.  Hit points
gradually regenerate over time, so if you took
damage, wait until your HP is back to the
maximum before moving on.  Eating food
speeds up HP regeneration, so you may want 
to eat this food now.

One step to the north is a food.

Two steps to the east is another sign that reads:

Would you like to take on something stronger?
If so, there are a few kobolds on the other side
of this door to your east that shouldn't give
you too much trouble.  If the ants were enough
of a challenge, skip the kobolds and go north.

Beyond the door is a small room with 4 kobolds and some additional treasure (5 silver coins)

From the room entrance or sign is another two steps north. There is a Rune of Marking on the floor that reads:

Marking runes like this one are created with
magic spells, but they contain messages
just like signs do.  Marking runes are harmless,
but other runes can be very dangerous, so
step carefully!

Two steps to the west is another Rune of Marking that reads:

See that rune to the north?  You may have to
wait a few seconds to see it.  Don't step on it; it might hurt you!  
If you have the find traps and disarm traps skills mentioned earlier, 
you can step NEXT to it and   attempt to find and disarm it.  Since 
it's at the end of the hallway, you might decide it's not worth the 
risk, since there's nothing beyond it, but it's good to increase your
experience in those skills whenever possible.
Remember: to search for traps, press 'f' (or type 'use_skill find traps), 
and to attempt to disarm any traps you find, press 'd' (or type 
'use_skill disarm traps).

To the north is a Rune of Paralysis

Two steps to the west is another Rune of Marking that reads:

There is a rune at the end of this hallway too, but you 
might not be able to see it.  You can try to find and 
disarm it, though.

To the north is a Rune of Mass Confusion.

Two steps to the west is another Rune of Marking that reads:

Chests and other containers are often protected by traps.  
To find and disarm these traps, stand on the chest or next 
to it while using the find traps and disarm traps commands.
Once you think a chest is safe, open it by applying it with 
the 'a' key, and see what's inside.
Sometimes you won't be able to find a trap, or it will be 
triggered when you try to disarm it.  That's just the risk 
you take in the pursuit of treasure!  If you get hurt by a 
trap, let yourself heal before you move on, in case you 
walk into another one.

Two steps to the west is another Rune of Marking that reads:

Not all runes are harmful.  The rune to your north will restore your health!

To the north is a Rune of Heal.

Two steps to the west is a sign that reads:

If you have a bow or crossbow in your inventory, 
go south for missile weapons training.  If you 
do not, go north.

To the South, is another sign that reads:

Ready your bow or crossbow by clicking on it.  
Arrows or bolts in your inventory will be used 
To fire a missile weapon, hold down your Fire (Shift) 
key, and press the movement key in the direction you 
want to fire.
On the other side of these doors are some monsters.  
Pull the lever to open the doors, and shoot them all!  
Don't worry, there's a force preventing them from reaching you.  
Continue down the passageway until you get back to this hallway, 
then go north.

Pull the lever to open the door way and practice shooting your missile weapon.

To the North, there are Runes of Marking. The first rune says:

=== Altars ===
Altars have many different uses.  Some altars are consecrated
to a particular god.  Do not pray over these altars unless you 
wish to worship that god!  (More on gods later.)  Altars can 
also cast spells and perform other actions if you place the 
correct sacrifice on them.
The altar to your east is an "altar of detect magic."  
Dropping money on it will cause it to cast detect magic on 
all the items in your inventory.  
(Make sure you pick up your change.)  
To drop money, right-click on it in your inventory 
while standing on the altar.
Magic items are often worth more than identical 
non-magic items, so detect magic can help you decide 
which ones to sell and which ones to identify or keep.

Two steps to the east of this rune is an Altar of Detect Magic, which only costs 1 silver piece (unique to this map)

Two steps to the north is another Rune of Marking that reads:

This altar to your east is a "detect curse" altar.  
It works the same as the "detect magic" altar below.  
Altars like these are often found in shops in towns.
Always detect curse on items you find before applying them.  
If you apply a cursed item, you won't be able to remove it 
until the curse is removed.

Two steps to the east of this rune is an Altar of Detect Curse, which only costs 1 silver piece (unique to this map)

Two steps to the north is another Rune of Marking that reads:

Tables work much like altars.  The table to the
east is an "identify item" table.  It will identify 
the unidentified items in your inventory, one at a 
time, for 20 gold pieces each.  Tables are often 
found in shops too, especially magic shops.

Two steps to the east of this rune is an table of Identify, which costs 20 gold pieces for each item identified.

Two steps to the west is a Sign that reads:

Shops are an important part of Crossfire.  
Shops will sell you all sorts of adventuring 
supplies, and then buy almost any treasure 
you bring back to sell.
To enter a shop, step on the shop mat.  
This will transport you to the inside.  
To exit, simply step on the inside mat.  
To sell items, drop them on the shop floor.  
To buy items, simply pick up what you want and leave.  
The cost of the items will be taken from your inventory.  
If you don't have enough money to pay your bill, you won't 
be allowed to leave, and you will have to drop enough of 
the items you picked up until you can afford what you're 
You may enter this shop and look around, and buy something
if you have the money.  When you're in the shop, clicking 
on an item in your inventory will tell you how much the shop
will pay you for it.  Standing over an item on the shop floor
and examining it (press 'e' or type 'examine) will tell you 
that item's price.
WARNING: Be very careful not to drop anything you aren't sure 
you want to sell!  Once dropped, an item is sold and belongs 
to the shop, and the price for buying it back may be many times 
what you sold it for.  Check your client's documentation on "locking"
items for instructions on how to lock your important items so you 
can't accidentally drop them.

Inside the fenced in area is a shop with randomly generated items.

Two steps to the south is a sign that reads:

In areas other than shops, teleporters can 
transport you instantly from place to place.  
Beware: a teleporter might send you into a dangerous area!  
This teleporter, however, will take you right across the 
fence to the south.

One step after the teleporter is a sign that reads:

Some monsters, like mice, can multiply without a 
generator.  If not killed quickly, these monsters 
can spread to fill up a map completely.  Run 
through this door and kill the mice inside 
before they get out of control.

A locked door the west leads to a small room filled with mice. As an additional reward, there is 1 gold coin in the corner.

Two steps to the south is a sign that reads:

Magic scrolls like the one to your south contain 
one spell each.  When you read a magic scroll, 
the spell is cast and the scroll crumbles into dust.  
Take this scroll and save it for some time when you 
have collected a bunch of items and want to cast 
detect magic on them.

In the corner is a scroll of Detect Magic

Two steps to the west is a sign that reads:

Potions can help you in many ways, boosting your 
stats temporarily or permanently, giving you 
resistance to certain attacks, or healing you.  
Save this potion of healing for some time when 
you are injured and unable to retreat to heal 
Keep in mind that potions you find can be cursed 
just like other objects, so always get them 
identified before using them.

In the corner is a Healing Potion

To the west and around the corner is a sign that reads:

A bed of reality is used for saving your game.  
Whenever you want to leave the game, or just 
save in a particular town, apply (press 'a') 
on a bed of reality, like the one at the end 
of this hallway.
The next time you login, your player will start 
from that bed's location, with all the inventory 
items you had when you saved.  Also, if your 
player ever dies, you will be returned to 
the location of the last bed of reality you used.

You may use this one now, and then continue on after logging back in.

To the east is a bed to reality.

Two steps to the south is a sign that reads:

Congratulations, you have completed this 
part of the tutorial!  Take the exit to 
your east to move on.  Step carefully 
around the gravestone of Harold, who 
didn't pay very close attention and 
paid the price. :-)

The tombstone reads: Here lies Harold the Slow

Two steps to the east is a gate and a magic mouth that says:

What is the password?
(Do you still have the note you got back 
at the beginning of this trip?  Apply it 
and see what it says, if you don't remember.)

The password (orc-knuckle) opens the gate to a teleporter that takes you back to Scorn.

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