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  • cvsroot
    • crossfire module:
      • size: 193356010 bytes (184 MB)
  • cvs20hg:
    • crossfire module:
      • conversion time:
        real    268m31.821s
        user    242m3.478s
        sys     1m45.126s
  • Mercurial:
    • crossfire module:
      • size: 111895365 bytes (106 MB) (I suspect binary diffs made the history for the collected images much smaller)
      • local copy time ('hg init' + 'hg pull' + 'hg update'):
        real    1m40.124s
        user    1m01.218s
        sys     0m9.595s
      • local copy time ('hg clone'):
        real    0m5.619s
        user    0m2.991s
        sys     0m0.974s
      • copy creation bandwidth:
        • 'hg clone' over http: 77.0MB
        • 'hg pull' over http: 77.0MB
        • 'hg push' to copy over ssh (uncompressed): 181 MB
        • 'hg push' to copy over ssh (compressed): 78.4 MB
      • Local commit of one file with small edits:
        real    0m0.440s
        user    0m0.332s
        sys     0m0.070s
  • Tailor (cvs to bzr):
    • crossfire module:
      • conversion time:
        real    378m40.796s
        user    211m26.975s
        sys     8m31.729s
  • Bzr:
    • crossfire module:
      • size: 123277815 bytes (120 MB)
      • local copy time ('bzr branch'):
        real    1m3.882s
        user    0m43.203s
        sys     0m4.979s
      • copy creation bandwidth:
        • 'bzr branch' over http: 83.9 MB
        • 'bzr get' over http: 97.5 MB
        • Note: I've heard that doing this from remote hosts can be very slow due to the fact that currently it establishes separate connections for each file it wants. Apparently it takes about 2 hours to transfer the data on the internet in a fairly typical case.
        • (Installing pycurl prevents this issue, as connections to the server are reused. A version of Keep-alive with urllib is in the works for 0.11.)
      • Local commit of one file with small edits:
        real    0m2.410s
        user    0m2.051s
        sys     0m0.183s
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