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David Delbecq

Simple page to track my crossfire development


I don't remember when i first started crossfire development, I was at university, it was probably around 1998. It's all lauwenmark's guilt if i am now stuck in this :) I learned C with crossfire. If you can understand C in old crossfire code and maintain it, you were very good at C. My past contributions to code base:

  • Implementation of the town portal spell
  • tiles overlapping code (aka 'smoothing')
  • logging plugin, that used an odbc database (not active anymore, replaced by better things now) along with it's set of PHP pages.
  • crossfire animator plugin
  • introduction of unit testing framework for server (not very popular yet)
  • Logging system with various log levels, on both server and clients
  • Plugin system for client
  • probably lots of other hours spent on 'in don't remember what' code parts

Current Assignements

Am currently working on adding time based events for mapmakers.

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