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The Sultanate of Darcap

Isolated from the rest of the region by an extensive mountain range to the south, and possessing a massive natural harbour, Darcap is a small, but easily defensible town, dominated by a pair of powerful guilds. The town is also noted for its circus, whose reputation draws visitors from all over the world.

Places in Darcap

Places outside Darcap

History of Darcap

In 2264 EK, the Kingdom of the Masts founded a colony called Darcap in the north of the continent. But before this colony could become autonomous the kingdom was destroyed, in 2287 EK, leaving it totally isolated.

The inhabitants endured many hardships, many died of hunger. Some tried to reach, by small boat or on foot, a better land – none of them ever came back.

One of the colonists, named Andreas, succeeded in persuading many inhabitants to worship Devourers, whose followers don't suffer hunger. The other inhabitants argued, logically, that since many did convert they would have enough food, and refused to convert.

After his death, Andreas was nicknamed “Andreas the Ravenous” – because he always liked good jokes –, and the church of Devourers was named after him.

For many centuries the two groups, followers and non followers, lived together pacifically, though some incidents did occur.

One of the most significant issue was the schism lead by Zaah in 2675 EK. In order to, by their own words, keep the purity of the Devourers' cult and not be influenced by livings, some hundred people founded a small outpost. But Zaah became a brutal dictator, making people build him a castle. He was finally overthrown by a riot of his subjects and retreated to his castle. The outpost's population decreased rapidly as inhabitants came back to Darcap, though some purists insisted on staying there.

Another phenomenon, becoming a major issue starting from the start of the third millenia, is that a significant part of the population saw its size reduce significantly. Scientists blamed the past hungers of the colony, or some side effect of the food grown. In any case those people, feeling rejected because of their size, fled from Darcap and built a primitive colony on a peninsula north-east of Darcap ; they also strictly restrained the access to the peninsula. After Grab of Ledh's failed experiment, in 5524, the peninsula became a real island.

In 6138 EK, a famous explorer named Herghist Appelnisht set foot in the town, the first stranger in four millenia. He stayed 2 years, learning the history and customs of Darcap and teaching the whereabouts of the rest of the world to the inhabitants. He then traveled back to Navar with a delegation in order to establish relations with the other towns.

In the following years a road was built between Navar and Darcap. But Navar's leaders, distrusting the cult of Devourers, managed to have the road pass through a long tunnel that they could, in case the need arised, make collapse to seal the access to Darcap. They also promoted the foundation of a temple of Gaea in the center of the town.

Along the road, south of Zaah's castle now in ruined, an outpost was built ; its mission was to warn Navar of any suspect action. In 6170 EK it was assaulted by survivors of Zaah's colony who chased the guards and made it their homeplace. Navar armed forced, respecting the request of Darcap's leaders, didn't counterattack, and let those undead live peacefully.

Being in relation with other towns, Darcap progressively grew. A statue and a memorial park to the town's isolation were established, with a magnificent status of Herghist, who went to explore other parts of the continent long ago.

Wishing to forget their sad past and give a good image of the town to the outside world, Darcapians built a circus and made it one of the most famous in the world, attracting visitors from all the world. The leaders also built a port so that the town would never be isolated from the rest of the world again.

In 6795 EK, a magician named Julio, wishing to take some distance with the agitation of the world, came to live in Darcap. He was expert in the four elements and spent the rest of his life studying the interactions of those, transforming four houses in the center of the town in laboratories. He was at the origin of many incidents and many inhabitants came to hate him.

It is only many years after his death, in 6813, that his major contribution to the town was made public. He had advised leaders on the affairs of the world, giving advice, solving many conflicts. A status was made as a token of gratitude and his house, which was once considered for destruction, was restored to display his work.

In 7385 EK a breeder named Marposist, working at the circus, fled with many dragons who were about to be executed for the issues they had caused. He tried to clandestinately raise them but, of course, was rapidly discovered. He negociated a deal with the town leaders: he added a labyrinth in which the dragons would live, and adventurers would come test their skills there. After his death in 7392, leaving no heir, the town decided to take over the labyrinth which was proving successful.

(to integrate in the story: the 2nd town south ; temple justice ; why there are remparts around the town (which did grow a lot) ; other various quests ; why a sultanate

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