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As being the Beginners House in the Startmap chooser of the Character Creation GUI
since version 1.60.0 of the client
it's introduced with the following text:

The beginners house is a good choice for first time players.
It will teach you some of the mechanics of the game.
If you have played before, you may choose to skip the beginners house
and start your adventures in some other location right away.

(HINT: ….but if you skip it you'd also skip your first quest and your first experience…)

You start into the map north of a sign and are supposed to proceed in southern direction,
exploring the areas to the east and west of your path…

Welcome Sign

- First move 1 space to south onto the sign and read this message: <box | Sign:>Welcome to Crossfire, newbie! If you are new to this game, this map was made for you. Here you will find of information on how to play Crossfire. Want a quick start? Speak with Sigmund at the entrance. Don't know how to speak? Just type
- - - - - - -
say hello
- - - - - - -
in the command box of your client or use the chat boxes if (there are any). You will find many signs like this one in the game. Never forget to read them as they give you useful information.</box> Please note that you usually need to apply a sign to read it - just try it now:
Hit the 'a' key which is bound to the apply-command while standing over that sign to get the same information again.


Now proceed to the Sage Sigmund and say hello
(The '“'-key is bound to issue the say-command)

By saying hello the first time followed by say help and then a series of say yes you get the following instructions from Sigmund:

say hello <box green | Sigmund:>Hello, dear newbie. I am an NPC. This means you can interact with me. To do so, just speak to me. Like all NPCs in Crossfire, I react to various words you say when you are near me (using the 'say <message>' command). Just say you need help, and I'll be glad to help you!</box>

say help <box green | Sigmund:> I know everything about what you should do next: where to heal, how to bind keys, how to use items, beds to reality, and gain experience. Would you like me to tell you about beds to reality? That's important in Crossfire.</box>

say yes <box green | Sigmund:> A bed to reality is the way you quit the Crossfire world to get back to your real life. While you are in real life, your character is asleep. Nothing can happen to it, but beware of losing your items! Want to know more?</box> FIXME I suggest to avoid the word 'quit' and replace it by 'leave' in the map because quit would delete the Character.

say yes <box green | Sigmund:>All items left on the ground while you are in real life may disappear or be stolen by other players. If you want to keep them with you, they must be put into your inventory or in a permanent apartment. Do you want me to tell you about saving your character?</box>

say yes <box green | Sigmund:>You cannot use a bed to reality until you have earned at least one experience point. You must use a bed to reality at least once to have your character saved. You can find beds to reality just southwest of here. Do you want to get more information on how to apply an object in Crossfire.</box>

say yes <box green | Sigmund:>Some objects in Crossfire react to 'Applying'. To apply an object (lever, sign, …), stand above it and type 'apply'. This applies the object. Of course, it might be quite cumbersome to do that again and again. The easiest way to apply is to use a binding in the client. Do you want to learn about that?</box>

say yes <box green | Sigmund:>Binding is a way to associate a keyboard key with a Crossfire action. Lots of actions are available in Crossfire. Use the 'help commands' to learn about them. To bind the command 'apply', type 'bind apply' then hit the key you want to use to apply things with. Various Crossfire clients provide a custom menu to easily manipulate bindings. There is also a set of default keybindings.</box>

Doors and keys

You go south and enter the area to the east. When you enter the Sign “Doors and keys.” you get the following message:

New quest started: Getting Past Locked Doors
New objective for the quest 'Getting Past Locked Doors':

I must open the first door, which uses a standard key, I can either use one of the keys beside the door, or I can
attempt to break it down or if a Thief I can use my lockpicking equipment do open it. The sign beside the door will tell me how to do this.

You started your first quest. For more information on Quests type 'quest, 'quest list and quest info 1.
Every time you want to know about the Status and Objectives of a Quest you can get that information by typing 'quest info <number>.
When you enter the sign at the door it displays:

There are many varieties of doors.
The most basic type is a simple closed door.
You can open this kind of door with a generic key like the one beside this sign.

If you have no keys you can try to break the door down by attacking it.
If you have the lockpicking skill you can try to open the door by typing 'ready_skill lockpicking'
and then 'firing' (usually pressing shift + <direction>) towards the door like you would fire an arrow or a bolt.

There are also locked doors which can only be opened with special keys…

This will become an exhaustive walkthrough through the Newbieshouse, aka Beginners house in the Starting map selector of the Character creation.
Currently it's under Construction :?:

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